ACT established the center of Hefei of Anhui University students may participate in United States college entrance examination

Starting from this year, Hefei, students can in the front and United States students, participate in the "United States the University entrance exam" ACT test helicopter at Harvard, Yale and other United States universities. Yesterday, ACT Center of Anhui University was formally established, Hefei, which means that future students will have 5 times a year an opportunity to participate in "United States the University entrance exam".

officials said that ACT known as the American College Test, namely United States college entrance exam, known as the "United States the University entrance exam". Their achievements were the United States including Harvard University, Yale University, including more than 3,000 universities are widely accepted as admission criteria, and it is the universities the main basis for granting scholarships.

previously, County students who want to join the United States national college entrance examinations and also outside the county can participate in. Since 2005 ACT agencies started in some provinces in mainland China universities and ACT courses high school and set up test centers, Center of Anhui Province, but did not ACT earlier.

"the ACT exams mainly for high school, high school student," the official said, students in Anhui Province and includes the United States with students around the world, and synchronization taking the ACT exam and five exam opportunities a year, depending on year in February, April, June, October and December, students can choose to study in one of the best results for the application.

since the ACT Centre is first set up in Anhui, so places are limited. "The ACT Center in Anhui Anhui University arranged 25 test", the official said, meaning that only 25 students in Hefei and United States mainland synchronized students taking the ACT exam.