Anhui branch and push new rules governing compulsory school fees

Xinhua learned from the Anhui provincial Department of education, to combat the school fees in compulsory education stage, on March 27, education, pricing, Audit Department of Anhui Province jointly developed implementation plan, adopted 12 measures comprehensive compulsory school fees.

it is understood that the programme strengthening recruitment leadership, clear school district and school district enrolment range 12 to adjust the specific provisions. In addition to strengthening the supervision and management measures, the more striking is the new measures required after the end of each school to make admissions results include the student's name, date of birth, parents name, domicile and other information over the network media and public notices in a timely manner, and to separate the students ' selection of information.

new measures in the also including school are shall not breakthrough Province provides of class amount admitted new; equal treats floating children school, no to any excuses charged costs; on confirmed has and admissions, and school choice linked of education donation, are ordered return, on related responsibility people law according to rules serious asked accountability; school by provides charged service charges and generation charges, must strictly followed students or students parents voluntary, and strictly control and non-profit principles, shall not in service charges in the added received other any costs and so on.

also pointed out that to charges associated with school choice as a key governance, stop by school training courses, school district enrollment exam for admissions, organizing, recruiting students, and studies link to donate, on behalf of the public schools to private enrollment fees. Strengthening the management and supervision, increase efforts to investigate and punish, imposed on the school choosing fees "zero tolerance."