Anhui civil service exam 162 jobs due to an examination is canceled

In 2012, the civil service exam in Anhui Province has attracted nearly 200,000 "test Bowl" job openings "Trinidad one." However, some positions are not to be seen, such as forensics, police, etc. On March 22, the reporter learned from the Office of the civil service examination in Anhui Province, 162 "iron rice bowl" because it cannot meet the examination be canceled.

candidates registered for the "forensic" few

a drama of the forensic pioneer, makes many people like forensics, however, really have the gall to do this I'm afraid not much. Press browse cancel the enrollment table, finds Court of Wuhu city, bozhou city and hire a forensic, required is specialized in forensic medicine. It is regrettable that, at no applicants.

equally few registrations cancelled, also home to Tongling, chaohu, Bengbu, three prison "professional police forensic post", a total of 3.

recruitment of "water people" is a bit difficult

this "test" to employ a "know" water people, and it's a bit hard. Reporters from the reduction or cancel a job, found post has 7 of the provincial water resources department was canceled, most of them are required "hydrology and water resources" professional, with two years of experience in grass-roots, part of the job requirement is master's degree.

162 canceled jobs, most are institutions such as grass-roots posts in villages and towns, such as Township, mengcheng County canceled 35 places for recruiting, qiaocheng district township authorities to cancel a 6 places.

when nervous for a test, don't forget these

When tension test, candidates don't forget these important things. First login, personnel testing, view their candidates registered for the job was cancelled. From April 4 to 6th, downloaded from the Web application, print your admission ticket (best print a copy).

from April 7 to April 9, the rural poor and urban minimum living standard security personnel, don't forget to take the test of municipal Bureau of human resources and social security (civil service), go through the written examination fee relief procedures, participate in provincial exam, handling of personnel examinations.