Anhui Province, more than 140,000 people passed the exam to review and complete the payment

The hottest positions to apply for 789:1

more than 130 jobs will be reduced or cancelled

on March 21, the reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Bureau of civil servants, as at 6 o'clock on the day, Anhui Province in 2012 recruiting exam online registration fee ends, through eligibility and complete the payment amounted to 145972 persons, will take part in the 2012 recruiting exam in Anhui Province. According to the statistics, the hottest positions to apply for the recruit is 789:1.

from the application point of view, 2012, there are 191525 people in the online registration form, and eventually through the review and complete the payment of 145972, compared with 188755 people in 2011 and 141052 people, quantity has slightly increased. Apply for city in Anhui, and number of candidates registered for the province, Hefei positions in the top two, respectively, and 15236 15124 obtained examinations. In many popular in competitive jobs, the fiercest competition is "provincial civilization Office staff" positions, registration number 1141, eventually 789 people were eligible for the examination candidates than for 789:1.

popular nature also has upset, Anhui had included "the provincial hydrological Bureau analysis and evaluation of water resources in Suzhou" 34 positions, such as no candidates. According to reports, these positions "0 to apply for" reasons include the duty stations located in remote areas hard, relatively strict professional, vocational orientation, selectable range of hire, and so on. For example, no entry "Xiangshan District Court in Huaibei city government civil service" job requires qualifying "services to grass-roots projects" who passed the national judicial examination, obtain the legal profession qualification certificate (class a). Not yet reached the total of more than 130 jobs examination percentage reduction plans or cancel.

about 2 weeks from IBM on April 8, parties reminded the majority of candidates, while on a positive note, still need to carefully verify that the filled positions up to the examination. When they apply for posts to cancel enrollment, candidates March 22, from 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock report other positions.

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