Anhui provincial educational system of honest work Conference held

On March 25, the education system for clean government work Conference held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Meeting educational system construction of anti-corruption work in Anhui Province in the past year, full deployment tasks for the 2012 years. Standing Committee of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection Wang Binyi attended the meeting and made a speech.

Wang Binyi requirements, party organizations at all levels of the educational system and the vast number of party members and cadres, to understand and grasp to strengthen anti-corruption education system construction, maintain the party's purity of the significance of further strengthening of political responsibility and sense of urgency. Strengthen anti-corruption education system, maintain the party's purity is to create   "three provinces", building a better internal demand in Anhui Province, is to ensure that the education needs of livelihood projects successfully implemented, is dealing with the inevitable requirement of anti-corruption situation. Do this year education system anti-corruption construction the work, to strictly implementation party of political discipline, vigorously strengthening thought political construction; further grasp education system punish and prevention corruption system construction, efforts from source Shang curb corruption; effective solution masses reflect strongly of highlight problem, strongly control against masses lawful rights and interests of problem; vigorously advance education system independent Commission against corruption risk control work, active building cover education various power and run full process of full monitoring chain; to promote education system leaders clean politics, Always maintain good image of the honest and clean.

Wang Binyi stressed that to strengthen measures to ensure that education carry out the task of fighting corruption and building construction. To uphold and improve the leadership system and working mechanism to combat corruption, and adhere to the spirit of reform and innovation of preparation and advance work, strengthen the construction of discipline inspection and supervision organs and cadres, to initiate new situation of anti-corruption education system.