Anhui provincial exams Sprint: final stage of practice math

Maintain a good attitude

"at present, Anhui provincial exams are only two weeks left, first prepared. To look at civil service examinations candidates to be in a normal, you can make the ' extreme trying to ' attitude adjustment. "Anhui School of public administration shown test expert, said," the worst outcome is nothing more than failed, but in 2012 as well as provincial and municipal institutions recruit, fresh survivors have selected suit, there are four or five times a year, there is always a piece of ' cake ' eating. ”

practice your math

"I'm late for math is not, what should I do? "Candidates from chuzhou Chen asked. Shown says, mathematical operation is the focus of the next note, candidates to master the exam question types, master problem-solving skills, culture figures and op-instinct, training of mathematics thinking ability. "In this period of time is to be improved, and most likely is a mathematical operation, 10 questions before doing it again, just spend some time, we will be able to break through. ”

shown summed up the final stages of preparation logging policies: review to be prioritized, grasp the key points and not meant to be exhaustive. "In the last half a month, spend more time in the number of relationships and information analysis, improve the relevance and effectiveness of the review. ”

don't forget to practice essay on

study of the school of public administration specialist Liu Ying of Anhui said, expounding the remarks to "more than three". A is more see, familiar social hot, for classification Combs; II to more wants to, with "Shen on the thinking" on a class social hot for integrated analysis; three is more practice, candidates in next of near 15 days in the, to as to more writing, with over of really problem to scouring, on each problem according to official exam of requirements full to will answers wrote to, then control corresponding of reference answers for system modified.

new problems do not have to do

shown says some candidates in the final review stage like to do some new problem, this approach is not desirable, "instead of innovation, pay attention to face, learn to judge the past wrong topic to read it through. ”

in addition, candidates must also strengthen training for real, grasp the "real is really practiced" principle, strictly according to the exam time and require full practice test, training exams, find the most appropriate for his/her own steps, calmly turned up. Candidates can take collective Sprint training, look for test. It is learnt that the Anhui Academy of Anhui provincial exams written test during the Ching Ming Festival will launch Sprint public lecture, candidates if you have time, you can also go to simulate actual combat.

candidates who remind

measures should be targeted

"how to score high on the countermeasure problem? "Candidates Li Lu, a question in the interactive exchange session. Liu Ying said, first of all, measures should be targeted, "the first thing to be general and abstract in nature, it is a good read a teacher read your ideas in the shortest time. "Liu Ying said, in addition, countermeasures should not ring hollow, generalizations must be specific, feasible, rationality, in line with the principles of administration by law. Written between countermeasures should also pay attention when arranged in a logical order. Commonly used logical order from internal to external causes, from direct to indirect, from basic to General, those candidates add necessary experience and practice.

venue details to note

in the examination room, should pay attention to what details? Liu Ying suggested that after getting the papers of candidates must first go through, clear title of the paper form, material composition, specific answers to each question asked. In addition, pay attention to making clean and tidy. "Even if it is wrong, don't panic, candidates do not blacken wrote the wrong words to avoid error amplification. "In the end, pay attention to the allocation of time, under normal circumstances, examination is generally correspond to score in Anhui Province, assume writing is 40 minutes, then candidates will need about 40 minutes to answer questions.