College advertised for sale grind 120 seats each in the classroom

"Now there is a table in the House to sell, along with the bench, because I was about to leave, and to buy as soon as possible. "On March 19, a University in the provincial capital outside a classroom there were three ads selling table.

a student of the school to the ad were indignant, that this is not just a flea market selling second hand so simple, as mentioned in the ad "House" special, it is the school's postgraduate study room. "The school grind seat has been very nervous, with their share of seats sold to others for profit is wrong. ”

reporters visiting postgraduate classroom discovered selling ads

a very common desk on campus, was also wondering around making money? On March 19, the reporters came to the road and ring road near the intersection of Anhui College of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhang Zhongjing in the Academy floor entrance to the rear door of a classroom on the first floor, Xinhua did find three use Scotch tape sold taped grinding seat ad. Ads above use a red marker to write "sell" two words make people feel dazzling.

reporters went into the classroom, finding classrooms in addition to two aisles away, the rest of the places are on the seat, back row of stools is resting against the wall, the platform space occupied by bench and seat.

classrooms on the second row after a female student surnamed Chen told reporters that the grind of school classrooms are not, some postgraduate classroom whenever a big examination of reshuffle will face problem.   "That is robbed of the new round of war, but this room is a special school scheduled examinations, and over time became a specialized postgraduate classroom, up at the front door, back door key in postgraduate students hands, here is a precious land. ”

other explanations to sell seat was bought table

in accordance with the contact advertisements on, a reporter dialed each other's number. Answering the telephone was a girl claiming to be Sun, is a student at the school of nursing.

Sun said that the two seats in the classroom is for sale, including one in the last row, and another in the third row of aisles. Went and looked at the reporters and found that the two tables are small, half square meters less than the desktop, look very ordinary.

Sun explained that he asked by two roommates of the same bedroom sale. "Two tables they grind when I bought it, and spend a lot of money. "Sun said two roommates last year into articles by members of the army, both did a good job today, each entered his dream schools, now on the table is not used, it wanted to be able to sell.

Sun said that table per 120 Yuan, the bench is free to donate it. "Two masters went to the table, everyone happy, you don't lose, you got the next year, when you can rise again. ”

in the eyes of the Sun, this is a bargain deal. "Grind seats so hard to get, buy a table, you don't have to worry about seats. "Sun believes that their students are not in the sale of school public resources," sells own-bought table, spend the money. ”

is not allowed in school, will strengthen the management

put ads in the classroom door where several students calmly around the ads to watch.

Hu Tong, who has studied acupuncture theory, "what is this, the students in our school next door to someone with a school desk sold price to two hundred or three hundred Yuan, the student also sell their own table. "Such as Hutong, most students response to this, some students even went to look, said he would contact with advertising above the number.

another University in the provincial capital, a Yang classmate told reporters that their schools in the last year has found someone at school desk sold for postgraduate students. "Selling price is not expensive, but not seen, may be just grind over it, by August you should get, post transfer of what should be. ”

in this regard, some students said participating in the grind, sale of seats is cost-effective and very important, "you think, seats to much trouble, buy a permanent seat without that thing, and got this money is nothing, the grind is head of investment books, too. ”

However, according to a staff member of the school, the school's classroom is a public resource, whether it is school seats are the seats they buy, is not allowed to be sold to students, the school said it will strengthen the management of.