Dingyuan County, Anhui Province, started 2012 years in senior high school entrance examination

The morning of March 27, Dingyuan County Bureau of education held the 2012 exam workshop. Bureau Deputy Director Tang Renfeng Chair and lay out work, teaching unit, in the Bureau of the County high school principal, guidance Director, more than 100 people attended the meeting.

the main deployment of the County's junior high school graduation exam, high school enrollment and compulsory admissions work. Dingyuan County Bureau of education to secondary schools throughout the County issued a circular in early 2012 enrollment work in the implementation of programmes and the detailed rules for the implementation of comprehensive quality evaluation in early 2012 graduates, Dingyuan, the Protocol to handle the 2012 middle school diploma documents such as notice, on how to improve the graduate school exams, high school enrollment in early 2012 sports and science experiment exam specific working arrangements.

Deputy Secretary Tang Renfeng stressed, tests in the enrollment work is involved surface wide, and policy sex strong, and social concern degrees high of livelihood engineering, related of registration, and group test, and marking, each link are related social of stable and education of good image, the work must to do fair, and and just, the middle school must to according to unified requirements do tests of registration, and exam, and confidential, and security, work, school to led students full of interpretation about tests in the enrollment work of rules, and provides, and note matters,.

Conference pointed out that, the middle school to immediately established tests, and in the enrollment work led group, principal on school of tests in the enrollment work negative total Accountability; Bureau implemented target management accountability, continues to implemented tests in the recruitment for incentive mechanism, on tests quality excellent of school and high school stage admissions plans completed good of school give recognition; principal is high school admissions work of first responsibility people, the middle school to Active do high school admissions of publicity launched work; school except about sector provides of charges outside, candidates of eat, and live, and Cost accounting, settlement of accounts to publish, put an end to take the entrance examination fees, charges on the occasion.

2012 exam workshop held in Dingyuan County Education Bureau, marks the County's high school entrance exam this year work started for the next complete exam objectives and laid a solid foundation.