Fuyang, Anhui province for five consecutive years, with the implementation of educational projects

March 22,, Fuyang city, Bureau held 10 items education focus engineering advance will, further clear has 2012 years 10 items focus engineering: education livelihood engineering, peace campus created engineering, teachers team construction engineering, specification school running behavior engineering, compulsory education stage school running standardization construction engineering, pre-school education development engineering, vocational education based capacity construction engineering, education management and innovation engineering, education information engineering, style clean government accountability cum political popular wind construction engineering. Host departments in charge of each of 10 key projects focus on interpretation of the project, and further strengthen a priority in each of the 10-month-specific goals and initiatives.

it is understood that, since 2008, in order to speed up the city's scientific development of education, content development, and City Board of every sort out priorities, compile a priority-education project, in the form of propulsion will be held to promote the implementation of key projects. Members of the leading group of the municipal education Bureau, counties (cities and districts) Secretary for education, hosting education focused on Engineering Department head, development of social services and the schools directly under the main principals, heads of departments every year in a citywide municipal education Bureau education key projects advance. This key projects advance education both point to activate the global and targeted focus highlights the work and strongly promote the orderly operation of education work in accordance with the intended target in the city. Years of practice has proved that, on an annual basis, of the city's 10 key basic education project has been effectively implemented, for the establishment of people's satisfaction with education has laid a solid foundation.

Education Bureau of Fuyang city facing the new situation, new tasks, new requirements, party members according to the market, comprehensively and accurately grasp the purpose and tasks, identifies 10 key projects this year. Both of these 10 key projects such as education livelihood project, education and information projects in previous years continuity of key projects, such as education, management and innovation, responsibility of uncorrupted party-cum-political popular construction projects according to the new situations in urgent need of education attaches great importance to the new content.

Hu Tao, the Secretary told reporters that 10 key projects in the past years based on the implementation experience of 2012 implementation method of further improving 10 key projects, through the development of key projects and with the feet, with good policy, enhance the education work of the sense of urgency and to grasp the key links, focus punch, breakthroughs, and formed the city's educational work great together.

Ministry education basic education Si Yuan Secretary, former Vice Governor Wang Wenzhan, Fuyang city, through the development of key projects advance education practice fully affirmed. In a telephone interview with this reporter, he noted that, through the development of key projects for the advancement of education provides a good starting point, it is easy to integrate resources, fast and efficient, focusing on education in the principal contradiction, which is recommended.