Hefei 2012 exam physical exam-related questions and answers

2012 exam physical exam answers to related questions of Anhui  

Hefei in early 2012 graduate students and parents:

a few days ago, Hefei unveiled 2012 junior middle school graduate studies in physical education (hereinafter referred to as "PE Exam") implementing measures. Some recent candidates scoring criteria relating to issues of concern are as follows:

, test scores, and projects

Hefei physical education test scores 40 points this year, and last year remained unchanged. Candidate results will be directly included in the candidates ' exam scores, does not apply for high school as the school's threshold. Test time is April 24-28th. Men's and 3 for health testing: compulsory item 1 (running), choose item 2, candidates from standing long jump, medicine balls, seats bending, basketball dribble in the 4 choices. Necessary to remind that, shall select the candidates in the examination application selected item cannot be changed once.

Second, registration and examination time

February 21-28th this year. Students under the guidance of the teacher, in light of its own actual selected in advance. Due to exceptional circumstances cannot pass the examination, candidates may apply for exams, to the junior school at the time of registration applications and to provide related material. Resulting from injury or illness, unable to get the exam, students and parents don't worry, sustained examination may apply in accordance with the relevant procedures. In a recovery period does not know whether to take the examination, you can select the test project, according to recovery before the exam and then decide whether you need to apply for exams or deferred examination. Slow test examination held on May 3 in Hefei in the six southern (may not change option).

test this year and is also a little different to previous years, in accordance with provincial requirements, resulting from injury or illness from examination of candidates by 70% included in the total, which in previous years has been in accordance with 60% included in the total.

third, the PE test selection and scoring criteria

Hefei sports OET this year in accordance with Ministry of education, the State General Administration of sport in the State of physical health standard for students scoring grade rating standard.

physical examination involves the tens, I attach great importance. In drawing up this year's physical examination when I devoted zhuangan counties City Education Board Sports Forum has sought advice on the selected item. From test and promote teaching, research and promote taking into account, in order to further guide junior high school physical education, cultivate students ' sports hobbies, exercise their motor skills, decided to adjust physical exam selected projects this year, elimination of rope skipping, pull-ups and sit-ups, basketball dribble in increased sitting, bending and projects.

sitting, bending test of the main are the flexibility, basketball dribbling test candidates are the main motor skills and coordination. These two items are from the national health standard of students ' Constitution candidates must master the ten projects selected. Selected projects this year, covering the endurance, speed, strength, power, flexibility, agility and other aspects, fully taking into account the candidates ' individual differences.

in order to further promote the fair and impartial examination physical examination this year will be introduced from physical examination, a comprehensive electronic equipment. Current equipment is in the preparation stage.

physical examination the ultimate goal is to promote physical and mental health of young students and overall development. In preparing for these two months, hoping the majority of candidates in relaxed state of mind and science under the guidance of the teacher preparation, gradually to adjust yourself to the best. The majority of parents have to be optimistic about peace of mind, and actively help children organization of scientific work and rest time, develop good exercise habits, while reminding children to prevent accidental injury. We believe that each candidate will be able to successfully play their proper level!