Hefei 72-for-2012 science experiment exam test results

The morning of March 29, graduated junior high school students in Hefei 72 school science experiment exam ended in Hefei, which is also a test center in Hefei's first test, exam grade point averages last year increased by 1 minute.

for this test, the school leaders attach great importance to, set up by President Feng xuefeng, head of the leading group for sending test, devoted to study teacher-student conference, carefully communicated by the District Social Development Council Conference, strengthening the safety education and management, and take effective measures to ensure the safety of candidates. Due to the school to Hefei in a car is not convenient, have to change in the Middle, the two have to walk half way, in order to ensure that students and parents to test security on the way, carefully organized, Chartered student transfers, this work by all the students ' parents and the surrounding community residents alike.

after the exam, the school attendance Office immediately to the 2012 science experiment exam made careful analysis and summary. Science experiments a total of 10 points, nearly half of the students out of school, the average score of 9.01 points, nearly 1 higher than last year. The main reason: the school's focus on science courses, developing experimental teaching plan in early February; strengthen experiment teaching management, trying to open experiment teaching of Qi homework; strengthening practice test Training Institute Department of physics, chemistry, health teaching and research staff on many occasions to our experimental work. But there are also a number of shortcomings, such as minority students are good enough, poor test performance, there is a minimum score of 2 points. To solve the above problems, school attendance Office requirements change, science experiment exam, health teacher for 2012 in-depth analysis and summarizing written materials for next year achieve better results with practical science experiment exam of empirical material.