Hefei science experimental examination on the first day 2012 tests out of candidates high

Morning 10:00

this morning, the official examination of the 2012 exam experiment in Hefei, which also opened the prelude of the tests this year. Student scoring out of the highest proportion of candidates this year added the biological experiment is not difficult, students pass.

the experimental exam a total of 6 test sites, respectively in Hefei, Hefei, Hefei in v six (Shouchun Road campus), in Hefei, Hefei, Hefei eight neutral in the seven of nine.

entrance to the seven test sites in Hefei, post the whole examination process. Practical examinations started first at 8:30 in the morning. This year's tests the test a total of 10 questions, but the candidates need to complete one. The candidates drew lots to determine their test questions. The seven test sites, a total of 5 lab test, of which 2 physics labs, 2 chemistry Labs, one Biology lab. Each having 4 sets of experimental work in labs, exam questions are placed on the bench, students find their own seats, will be able to know himself to the experimental subject.

8:30 the test has started. The bell rang, students start operation immediately. Compared with last year, this year review the number of teachers has increased. 2 8 candidates of teacher evaluation in the past, changed it to 2 teachers this year 6 students for examination. As a result, teachers are the experiment process of evaluation for candidates more carefully, more precise.

8:50, first experiment the test is over. Students walked out of the room one after another, many candidates have said that operation is not difficult, 10 points, 9 points should not be a problem.

25 minutes after the first experimental test ended, the first results came out and posted on the test center on the wall of the gate.

as the exam continues, test scores, continuous disclosure. 9:50, there are already more than 200 people released. Reporter noted that, with the highest proportion of candidates out of 10, followed by 9 points, 8 points, 7 points only very little, only a very few candidates.

biological experiments is this year the newly added content, there are parents and candidates worry about is difficult. But seen from the test results, biological experiment does not affect students achievement. Doing biological experiments out candidates who are also very much, because it is new content this year, relatively speaking, is not difficult.