Inform the Ministry of education Anhui Jie Shou misrepresented primary and middle school students get education funds

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Department of education (the Board), the Education Bureau of Xinjiang production and construction Corps:

recently, Anhui Province, the Ministry of education and the departments concerned under the media reflects the fact, jieshou in Anhui Province false number of primary and middle school students take the State education funds were severely punished. Now the briefings are as follows:

in 2009, the Education Bureau of jieshou city, Anhui Province violated the basic provisions on the submission of statistical information education making students in compulsory education number: 10498, acquiring public 6.635 million yuan of funds for compulsory education. The City Board of the money minutes 3 times allocated to compulsory education schools, used to repair school buildings and the purchase of teaching equipment, desk chairs, books, and so on. In 2011, jieshou city, Anhui Province education basic statistics reporting the number of students in compulsory education stage 75861, established compulsory school the number of students in the city as 68725, false 7136. In 2011, education statistics as a basis for 2013 the allocation of education funding, there are no form of acquiring State education funds.

after the issue is confirmed, dealt to the Anhui provincial government. A is obliges Jie Shou municipal, and municipal government made deep check; II is obliges, Fuyang city, according to cadres management permission held related personnel responsibility, from has main led responsibility of jieshou Bureau Secretary positions, and in further identified facts of based Shang, according to related provides on other responsibility personnel give corresponding disciplinary; three is in province range within on jieshou take national education funds problem informed criticism; four is by province financial sector recovered jieshou take of 6.635 million Yuan education funds.

above problem of appeared, reflect out Anhui Province jieshou and Ministry of education door compulsory education guarantees mechanism reform of meaning awareness insufficient, on compulsory education students student management and the information statistics work importance, and seriousness awareness enough; jieshou Bureau not according to students number changes timely audit, and truly adjustment reported statistics report, subjective Shang exists towards more compulsory education guarantees funding improved running conditions of motivation, actual work in the exists management system not sound, and supervision not in place problem. Education Bureau of jieshou acts of acquiring State education funding, serious violations of the country's financial and economic discipline, and education statistics provides, its errors are of a serious nature. All learn profound lessons, resolutely put an end to similar problems.

issued since the implementation of the platform for educational planning, increasing State investment in education, education are facing an unprecedented opportunity. Education departments at all levels and all types of schools at all levels should more cherish the good situation, attaches great importance to education and supervision of use of funds. To further raise awareness and strengthen leadership and enhance the consciousness of manage and use well the educational Fund. To effectively guard against financial risks and improve capital efficiency as the core, a sound mechanism, standardized management, scientific use, responsibility and improve the performance, management and use of educational funds running in the Sun. To be combined with practical work, comprehensive education statistics report submitted, and electronic roll database information verification and correct irregularities. To strictly regulate the management, improve management systems, mobile student management, disbursement of funds, further clearly stipulated, and prevent duplicate student or returning student no student of origin. According to the uniform requirements to speed up compulsory education students and vocational students and student information management system database construction, expedite the implementation of dynamic management of student information. To establish and perfect the statistics work supervision and inspection mechanism, strengthen financial supervision and auditing, strengthening the financial management in schools, efforts to increase openness, open Administrative Affairs, financial disclosures. To strictly enforce economic discipline, implementation of education supervision responsibility Stern misuse of education funds, violations of financial discipline, irregular units and individuals, once discovered, resolutely in accordance with the standing and holding leaders accountable.

People's Republic of China Ministry of education

March 21, 2012