Wuhu 2012 tests no longer autonomously provincial examination papers is not difficult

With the Wuhu city in 2012 exam approaching reporters recently received a number of calls from parents from year entrance examination autonomously change in previous years, Wuhu city, Anhui Province, began to use tests consolidated papers for this change, parents and children are worried. Reporters interviewed a number of junior middle school teachers, in their view, new changes for schools, teachers and students need to adapt, and don't worry about it.

a different teaching materials will affect the candidates do in Wuhu city

many parents ask, Wuhu high school junior high school textbooks now used, different from other cities in Anhui Province. Exam exam papers in the province this year, textbooks are not the same, have an impact on whether Wuhu candidates?

Wuhu city, 29, in charge of the teaching of Huang Vice President told reporters that junior high school textbook version of the selected right, many years ago, Anhui provincial delegation to the municipalities. It was his understanding that, every municipality in Anhui Province with the selection of junior high school textbooks, there is more than one version, such as "people's education", "experimental", "Shanghai", and so on. As national curriculum reform experiment district of Wuhu, has been using "experimental version" section. Anhui currently has 16 cities, Wuhu, is not only using the "experimental version". Despite all the junior high school textbook versions are different, sort of selected texts and courses are not consistent, but textbook knowledge elements you want to include are consistent, are prepared according to the national curriculum in junior middle school, Rome.

tests the proposition of exam papers, Anhui Province, is based on entrance examination outline subject exam, entrance examination to test knowledge is an important part of the syllabus, which is focused on teaching content in textbooks, so exam papers, candidates face in Wuhu, Anhui Province, does not have to worry about.

b test papers harder than autonomously papers in Anhui Province

test examination papers than in Wuhu city, Anhui Province, autonomously test difficulty is high, is the second of many parents and students concerned.

29 Dean Hu Hejian, Anhui Province, had participated in the exam syllabus written exam test papers propositions, and Anhui Province. He said that from his years of observation as compared with overall difficulty is not very different. In recent years, the provincial exam exam physics and chemistry subject test difficulty relative to larger, candidates should take note. However, the exam in Anhui province for a long time the ease of proposition of exam papers, remains relatively stable, autonomously, Wuhu and some degree of difficulty varies.

he said that over the years, Wuhu city senior high school entrance examination autonomously, formed in the community we have a "new year" and "small" points of view, which is the exam paper caused by the degree of difficulty has its ups and downs. Last year gave us some slightly difficult, parents and students after the exam is quite large, next year when the question, taking into account the reflection of the parents and students, is likely to reduce the difficulty of questions, so that the "new year", "Nian" came out. Cities participating in the exams in the province, it is difficult to hear "new year", "small" reflects this means tests the ease of exam papers, Anhui Province, no ups and downs.

new century School of yellow principal said, due to Wuhu tests independent proposition, to both junior high school graduated exam and high school stage admissions selection exam double task, so, 150 points of papers in the, Qian 100 points of questions simple or compared simple, Hou 50 points of questions difficulty suddenly increases; and Anhui Province tests examination papers of proposition, due to only bear high school stage admissions of selection task, so whole ZHANG papers in the, is simple of "sent points" questions rarely, once upon a to Hou difficulty of increased handed degrees compared natural.

c did test two propositions focused on exactly the same

in an interview, the reporter learned, Wuhu, now all of the junior high school, in the Organization of teachers to analysis the exam papers in recent years, Anhui Province, seminars, analysis is often held at the school level, only one purpose, and that is to better guide students take exams.

third grade teacher, told reporters, by comparison, they believe proposition exam test papers in the province, and Wuhu city senior high school entrance examination autonomously, there are some differences in the proposition. Exam examination proposition in the province, focused more on students ' learning ability test, and entrance examination autonomously in Wuhu city, mainly the students ' mastery of the topic. Both propositions have different characteristics and advantages should be said.

due to the differences in proposition, in order to guide the students to better adapt to the provincial examination papers, third grade teachers must first change the way of thinking, bid farewell to autonomously form a mindset for a long time and dependencies, or prone to bias in the Guide.

d provincial examination paper whatever difficulty would not undermine a fair

during the interview, many secondary school teachers said, tests with exam papers in the province, students and parents do not need to worry about, this is because the admissions and admissions tests, is the overall planning of Wuhu municipal, local high school primarily for local junior middle school graduate admissions, unlike college entrance examination in Anhui provincial. In other words, is how the local candidates of the exam results, admission competition, compared with local students. Provincial exam papers, or for candidates in Wuhu is even-keeled, more difficult that it was hard to be easy people easy, which is basically fair.

many junior high school leaders and teachers also told reporters that the examination papers, tests, Wuhu city, Anhui Province, of Wuhu City junior high school teaching is a challenge. Used to autonomously test what level of bad compared with other cities, from this year will be different, local senior high school entrance examination in Anhui Province are using the same set of papers, how is students ' test scores, can be compared with each other. Test scores do not reflect the teaching of all levels, the quality of teaching, but it is also an extremely important indicator, by that time, Wuhu, the level and quality of teaching in junior middle school in Anhui Province belongs to which level it will know.