Cooperative learning and the training of child work

1, strengthen consciousness of main body's activity. Student-oriented learning, cooperation requires collective will and efforts, on the one hand, to a comprehensive analysis of each student, be good at discovering and developing potential qualities shine, create a space for self-development for students, so they thought of personality are on full display. On one hand, allows students to develop and quality differ in structure, this is known as the "people" respect reality and future of social development for specific requirements for quality, makes students feel self-worth and development. By creating a better learning environment, created scenes of the cooperative learning, can use a variety of group activities to develop students ' sense of cooperation.

2, pay attention to the attitude of emotional awareness drive. Emotion is an important part of teaching, "it can make people work hard, adjust the inner dynamics, under inner attitudes, promote people's success. "Put attitude emotional as new teaching of important content to implementation, is we training students cooperation consciousness of important factors, because" science education not only makes people get life and work by needed of knowledge and skills, more important of is makes people get science thought, and science spirit, and science attitude and science method of influence and training, makes people get non-biological instinct of wisdom, get non-and health furniture to of soul ". This shows that emotional factors in the teaching content of significant value.