Early child education should pay attention to where

1, the child is a reason of being weary

left unchecked, their unrestrained; pipe blind pipe, sow beans; nagging grumble, wanton abuse; instead arranged to create a "machine" ... ... If parents and so on is not a sensible approach will only make the kids love learning.

children love to learn is more apparent, there is a good reason behind: there is no good study habit? haven't found children do best? there is no scientific brains? parents hinder children's "play school" nature? is the kids don't realize that learning is his own thing ... ... Finding the reasons behind, can help children out of the shadow of weariness.

2, can stimulate the child's thirst for knowledge and learning potentiality

children lack the intellectual curiosity, generally are not parents or strict enough, but blocked the child's interest.

interest (curiosity), dreams, sense of achievement, challenge, Thanksgiving, strenuously, making is clear and inspired children's thirst for knowledge channel. For a child, the so-called competitive advantage is the potential for effective development. Mood, resuscitation, hint, reverie, incentives, the plan is to develop the capabilities of children learning the six major principles.