Facing the future of parenting

One is kids get exercise. Kids first leave home, although not alone, but after all, surrounded by strangers, unfamiliarity with the environment, and therefore can be counted as a preliminary exercise to live independently.

Second, cultivating self-care ability. Someone else's home, children pay more attention to the training of self-education. They are able to consciously set strict demands on themselves, and do the household chores to Rob, bedtime and rising time will be very tight, do not learn to do the things, it wasn't a long period of time, but are improving very fast.

third, improve their interpersonal skills. "Overseas student" to a new environment, faced with strangers, this is good opportunity to develop interpersonal skills. Children learn how to deal with the elders in the family, how to deal with new neighbors, how to deal with visitors to the House, heard the elders to teach in a new home, combined with the interpersonal experience, to a deeper understanding of relationships.

four is to deepen the awareness of the community. Children have lived in two different families, if you can observe, think, is also a comparative study. Two families have different cultural backgrounds, each Member has a different personality, attitudes and habits. Analysis of two families of different kinds, you can play from a small window, a better understanding of the role of social awareness.   However, not all parents are able to pay attention to expanding children's space, let it go to their children, and some are even hard in the opposite direction ... ...