How to train high school students ' study habits

After entering high school, discipline, homework, students find themselves while on study for a long time, but the efficiency is very low. Often distracted, and can't keep up with the pace and progress of the teacher, also fell sharply.

parents think children probably didn't study hard, study plan, learn to 12 o'clock every day, but the results were not good. In learning more difficult, more and more tired, many students do not know what are the root causes of these problems, how to change this situation.

encounter such difficulties, changes in main is not adapted to the characteristics of high school learning, not to develop good study habits, parents concerned about children learning the length of time, but do not know to form good study habits are more important!

high school learning is a very systematic process, students must focus on the learning methods, develop good study habits, active learning, taking initiative and thinking.