Let your child select the things you want to do

1 Chinese parents of children the strengthened improving is not permanent, even exceed others at the beginning, but when we all start, the former advantage disappears. After being forced to learn the knowledge, thinking, logic and reasoning, is passive.

2 Chinese parents expect too much of the child, children have been dominating, accused of too much, becomes brittle, making them the most afraid of making a mistake, afraid to fail, so in order to avoid errors, but gave up the opportunity to ask questions, give up or fail to learn the process. Growing up, children not only lose the ability to create and imagine, and will be swayed.

3 China's real parents love their children, but love what they want their kids to be like. Did not give the child a wanted to be their own space, but someone else how to do it, and how blind children, but education.

4 respect children, people who see him as an equal, let the children enjoy the right to equality rights, criticized the rights to speak up, to resist. Obedient children is not always a good child, may have a bright future.

not United States parents, parents in China, but the world is getting smaller and people's vision more widely. Learn from each other, good, United States parents parents learn how to discipline their children from China!

therefore, Chinese parents are one of the biggest problems is that too many choices for the children, they wanted to protect children everywhere, didn't want him to make the wrong choice, do not want to see children suffering end. This is understandable, but also make them lose a lot of opportunities to learn. Parents do so, allowing the child to feel there is no ability to make a decision, appears to be without the protection of parents know what to do, would be negligent. Give children enough autonomy and let them choose, playing sports, listening to music, and participate in school activities.