Parents want to give their children upbringing

1.  happy family experience

family is the child's mind once the family shaken, children emotions can become unstable, restless, irritable, and even nervous. We should build a harmonious and warm family atmosphere, so that children grow up in a loving and caring environment, so that children feel what a happy family, and parents ' responsibility.

2.  parents past experiences

When you encounter a problem when the child speaks to us, may wish to consider past experiences, frustrations, failures, and lessons derived from pain, and honestly to your child one by one. Without the fear of damage to your child's image, on the contrary, this child knows you, and he could be inspired, and your ideas and values instilled in him.

3.  independent experience

kids first try will inevitably encounter difficulties, we should not interfere, but can not do on his behalf, he should be learning from failure. Make decisions for him only in the important moments, but when a child insists on themselves, might as well make good use of their competitiveness, giving appropriate incentives.