Progressive asymptotic independence of children

One, just be patient, the trouble. For example, teach them their shoes, button, parents need to teach their children the right way, patience, and encouraged in a timely manner, patiently helping. Himself than parents kids shoes, button nature to some, and time-consuming, but you know the child's ability to live independently is developed from the life one by one.

two, from simple to complex, to follow the principle of gradual. For example, in terms of training children to eat and drink, age 1 to teach children to eat with spoon, 1 and a half or so, will teach the child left hand Bowl, spoon in his right hand eating on their own, but also teach him to holding a cup of water with both hands, wipe your mouth with the napkin after dinner. Two and a half years old, the child would be able to eat my one meal and clean.

three, you can play games to arouse the enthusiasm of children. For example, teaching children aged three or four wash himself, the tone of the game can be used: "today mother and Bob game and see who face wash fast and clean. "And then, give the child a towel, demonstration, explain the order of the face and hands, children learning wash action with great interest.