The eight unhealthy personal relationships

One, ego

moments in their own interests at heart, only obtained without paying. Like the fame and fortune, and sometimes damage the interests of others. The  

psychological harm of personal relationship is very large. It always hurt to others, such a person will never find a true friend.

Second, arrogant mentality

exclusive, often puffed up appearance, contempt for others, even someone else down, laugh at others, listen to others ' views. This does great harm to the psychological relationships, these people are hard to get along with others.

third, the suspect

suspicious person, often in not trusting view of external things, when you see someone when what was discussed, thinks people are talking behind their backs. Suspicion addiction, often circumstantial, complications, say, stirring up trouble, the result can only be trouble, harm to themselves.

four, the rebellious psychology

some people love and others nothing seems to indicate that his Maverick. About anything, regardless of the merits, you say he said bad, you say he said, you say that chili is spicy, he said, not at all. Reverse psychology easier to blur the merits of strict limits, often engender resentment and disgust.