Three parents how to get along with children

College entrance exam review became more and more nervous parents fully preparing for the college entrance examination, parents in addition to improving the logistics work, what else can be done? Experts suggest that parents had better communication with your child every day for 10 minutes, ease the tension of the exam.

now, parents are busy running for his cause, while meeting with children every day, but the real soul of the communication does not, many parents don't know what kids think, he encountered difficulty, what he is most concerned about? Parents give children more and more good material conditions, tutor, even if AC, just saying.

children's subjects should be balanced, not partial section, what do if academically, parents should encourage their children to fill up weak grades. In the process of Exchange, if the child or school teachers and students what, parents should listen to divert the emotions, and to help children to find their own way out, perhaps to change the child's own views. When children out after the talk, his mood is good. Parents praise and encouragement when he is a child or criticism should pay attention to the wording, because one little thing, is likely to hurt the child, had an impact on his mental state. Parents should make it a habit, usually speak simply speak the language of praise and positive, constantly encouraging children, he is more confident and better, if your parents don't believe in him, how would he reach their full potential?

when a request to the child, if objectives are set too high from the beginning, often easily rejected; and if you give us less requirement, after the others agreed to add the required component, are more likely to achieve their objectives. On a child's performance is the same, first encouraged him to reach the goal, to develop confidence, can achieve big goals.