Three roles and role of parents

After entering high school, and high school parents for their child must be more concern and attention. Want to do something to help children on the one hand, and yet did not start. Both high expectations and ultimately, anxiety and stress, this is every parents are faced with a situation. So, from high school to college entrance examination, parents should act as a role and what effects?

 1) parents is communication between home and school. Parents to maintain and the normal communication, including communication and the head teacher and teachers. Only on the basis of communication have more say and basis for further communication.

2) parent-child psychological guidance. In the third year this year, children not only develop IQ, but also to experience emotional intelligence test. Consequently, guide kids learning difficulties and examination brought in perspective of setbacks and failures is an important responsibility of the parents.

3) parents are the voice of the child listener. Parents to be good and willing to listen to the child's heart, regular exchange and communication with other kids, create opportunities to allow and encourage children to speak out. Listen again on the basis of analysis and judgement, and reasonable guidance and recommendations are given. Such exchanges should be equal, democratic and harmonious. Instead, feel free to criticize and blame are extremely irresponsible and ineffective.