2012 Arts exam after exam review good basic is the key


In mid-March, with the end of school exams in art college, stone city art culture of the candidates have been starting back to school review. For art students, from years ago, the art of the start joint entrance examination, school exams were delayed by their culture for a long time to review. In less than three months time, art students how cultural studies review, and how to adjust?

languages: keep the essay and multiple choice questions

composition is the bulk of Chinese,  Yu Jie teacher proposes to arts students must composition. If the low level of narrative, arts students may wish to emphasis placed on argumentative essay, if the argument is correct, a Foundation is not a problem. If you want to get high grades, usually want more practice, including the ability to extract arguments, organizing materials, and so on, and then accumulate.

in other questions, multiple choice scores 32 points, neglect not. Yu Jie said, in order to get these scores are not difficult, discusses the text 1-3, classical Chinese 5th, 6 questions and practical texts for multiple choice questions, this analysis of 6 multiple choice questions are general information, find the appropriate location directly in the text, one can find the answer, required for this part of the problem was serious. Notional words in classical Chinese, or words, you can explain one by one into the sentence, put back in the original, you will know right or wrong.

"translating classical Chinese, art students is a major weakness, many students simply a detour, but ran 10 minutes will be free. "Yu Jie said that when translating classical Chinese as the primary group of words, usually in the classical Chinese word is a Word, so the first thing to do is to put up every word, used to adjust word order and then press talk to see if suitable context, organize them, can get basic 2-3 is a sentence.

mathematics: abandon partial basis keep

in General, the art student's math is weak, Gao Jianfang said, because of this, mathematics has become more space subjects. In review, Gao Jianfang recommends first of all rely on textbooks, recorded knowledge. In front of a model at this stage should end.

really you want to lock the second phase, enhanced test center. Gao Jianfang said, really started to do is not a set, but according to the test, one by one, "for example, today to review the monotonicity of the function, then the test everything all done for nearly three years. "Gao Jianfang said that the collection of objective questions, trigonometric function values, such as linear programming, flow chart, three views, answers questions of trigonometric functions, solid geometry, derivative and other papers in the examination is relatively fixed, to enhance training, learn how to use fixed, fixed solution for problem-solving. The end of the stage in front of the two-mode.

finished the test center of the intense training, followed by training, is also starting from the true subject, but don't have to do it again really just 2 days a select new standard volumes with similar papers, such as Liaoning, Shandong, and Fujian volume the volume and so on. This stage is the end of May.

in addition to reviewing, in test-taking skills, candidates should pay attention to leave but hard to keep base. "For most art students, selected the first eight, filling two, ask questions first, other questions first, score 80 points has been reached. So first of all these questions during the examination and review it carefully, select and then answer the rest of the blanks, if there is time to attack the remaining big problem, try to obtain small. ”

English: use corner time to practise listening

knowledge of English are very fragmentary, when Gao Yanfeng teacher candidates are advised in English, you can target, do not step target college entrance examination, "how many points did not think about a piece of paper you can get, but these scores into words, sentences, and article, a little bit of review. "Starting from the most basic knowledge, prepare a glossary of English portable, go, see there. "Back words, vocabulary like a sieve through, words, but does not copy the words again, does not remember words later. "Gao Yanfeng said, prepare a simple grammar entrance, two within a month or 40 days, read it again, and make simple notes.

English this year will restore hearing exam, listening exercises, Gao Yanfeng candidates are advised to make full use of the corner, creating a small English environment, "on my way to school, before going to bed, wash time, recess, you can listen to at any time, improving English listening. ”

history: play a real leading role

history on the timing of the review, said Zhai Juan sensitive teacher, art students is relatively weak cultural base, should be based on time, two round scrambled together. March and April when, according to the ancient, modern and contemporary in chronological order and the world order, China's space for knowledge integration. At each stage in the political, economic, ideological and divided into sub-themes, sort out the vertical and horizontal links among knowledge. In May, the focus on common sense and of literature and history issues, focused on leak abroad.

Zhai Juanmin said that during the review, candidates should be more material reading practice, play a real leading role. Using the true problem of college entrance examination in recent years with the practice and training, "real training can make students feel the proposition's model, better grasp the review focus on understanding the core content of important history, improve reading and analytical capacity, and so on. ”

geography: improving reading ability

Hu 玥 says geography questions in the test mainly focused on maps and spatial orientation, movement of the Earth, weather and climate, agricultural and industrial production, population and urbanization, environmental issues, sustainable development, and so on. Art were geography subject review, note to remember name of the important geographical and spatial location of skilled interpretation maps of various scales and terrain profiles, draw simple geographic charts and according to requirements.

"improving reading ability is improving geographic scores, and even liberal arts comprehensive vital element. Map reading abilities and improve over time, not overnight work. "Hu 玥 recommends that candidates take a certain time to map every day, do more, and seen many pictures practicing more, think more, listed in their own brains store large amounts of information, grasp the analytical thinking. Especially on reading ability than the weaker candidates, to make use of the last three months before the exam time, focus on training capacity in this area.

politics: will background knowledge memorized

on the political review, Zhang construe teacher candidates are advised to follow the teacher's knowledge, "the teacher stress the required background knowledge to back and each week to review a previous knowledge. Exercises can really that corresponds to each test center, which helps to quickly grasp the problem, meet the University entrance exam. ”

"pay attention to knowledge integration, contact within the major political issues of the year, a thematic review, this is a good way to review political. "Zhang said, helps students get knowledge integration problem, quickly related knowledge, not misplaced, lost, or at least get the basic points.

in the answer and test takers answer must distinguish between topics examine what is, and what should be done, "If this is the interpretation of questions, answer clear questions specific to requirements should be noticed under asked pointing to the mobilization of knowledge; clearly apply knowledge level for materials analysis and argument. If a method of induction-type questions to understand about angle, get useful information, from macro to retrieve the knowledge, and finally to apply selected theoretical knowledge to demonstrate the problem. ”

psychological adjustment: put down the professional, attentive to attack culture

when it comes to how to review, said all teachers, art students attitude adjustment more important than review. Teachers generally agreed that art students participate in college entrance examination and general higher candidates have very different, has its own rules, and common candidate in learning and learning attitudes differ.

"art students to overcome the psychological state of anxiety. Upon completion of the examination upon their return to school of art, there will be a volatile period, disturbed, worried about their majors, can an ideal school. As accepted by gradually granting this anxiety would last about a month. During this period of time, some art students learn, play and a waste of time, in this play out in the middle of a sense of guilt, which increases the student's psychological burden. "Gao Yanfeng teachers, art students in the back, you should put down the professional examinations, bent on bashing in the cultural class, full review courses.

Gao Yanfeng said schools will have classes for art students, the teacher has a highly targeted, art students have to scribble notes, and content addressed to the teacher the day a inventory, review a week. "Teacher's homework not elaborate, leaving no dead ends, does not ask students, ask the teacher. Those that do not is particularly important to pay special attention. "Gao Yanfeng said, definitely not simply keep on doing the questions. Late review, pay attention to answering techniques, arrange additional time, limit the problem, avoid using too much of the second half before time, so two volumes do not have time.