2012 exam comprehensive review strategy: master the basics


Examination and the answers all over in recent years fully embodies the "topic in the books, and in the book" features, fully embodies the spirit of the new curriculum, research, full of experience, highlighting the conception.

one, dealing with "dead" and "live"

1. "dead" refers to the basic concepts and principles, must be accurate and comprehensive, and die down--you must remember every principle of textbooks, principles later described and examples are also very important. Different examples are corresponds to which principles should be clear, this is likely to be used in the choice. Economics is relatively simple, as long as the principle of learn, remember analysis questions the basic ideas on the line. Need to think more about the philosophy. Philosophy is never ending, and will often have more experience more, understand more thoroughly. Of course, for us, the main principle is to tell, what is worldview, which is the methodology, in particular, not to be confused. Can see some reference, see how book analysis, angle from which to start, how to express. Paying special attention to differences between different terms of politics, written especially to emphasize accurate because there may be one word of the story is completely different.

2. "live" refers to the ability to practice, and ingenious. This requires out of the small circle of classroom teaching materials, to do everything possible to move the principles of and connections to real life, in real life, economics, philosophy, you don't spend some money? Spent the least amount of money to do the biggest thing is the economy, and money in this activity involves distribution, consumption, savings, insurance, stocks, economics of tertiary industries, and many other issues, our online Exchange on issues related to tertiary industries, information technology, industrial, combining philosophy with particular attention and current events. Usually read a piece of news you can think of, it shows what kind of philosophy or views can be used to analyze, often ask themselves, become a problem now would be much more rapid, perspective is more accurate. So the key is to do a conscientious parent, interested and active sense political, political, political rather than passively back. Believe that the acquisition of knowledge at the same time, access to pleasure will become a necessity.

Second, high school political courses, paying special attention to grasp the knowledge system

high school on the mastery of the knowledge to political courses in basic thinking methods to find the inner link between knowledge. Knowledge network. Knowledge is messy, and not conducive to memory and mastery they string together, form a system in contact with one another, will contribute to the knowledge of, but knowledge itself is intrinsically linked. We need to do is find some way (some thought) as a "red line" knowledge "series".

1. use of "what, (nature, nature, etc) and why (why), and how (meaning or harm), how to do it (means and measures) and how they will reflect (in specific materials)" thinking the logic to link knowledge of the problem. For example, "the national macro-control," a box, including "why do I need macro? "," What is the meaning and objectives of macro-control "and" how to conduct macroeconomic control? "The three levels;" improving the economic efficiency of enterprises, "a box is in accordance with the" economic benefits of what is meant by "and" why should increase economic benefits of enterprises? "And" how to increase economic benefits of enterprises? "Levels.

2. the textbook knowledge composition method is generally in accordance with the "combination of analysis and synthesis", "induction (---) and deduction (---) logic of the combination. For example: what is the use value, value, say their relationship, which is the application of analysis and synthesis; speaking before China's socialist market economy, to talk about general characteristics of a market economy.

3. pay attention to the contradictory analysis (divided into two parts, concrete analysis of concrete problems, the Corporation focuses on the unity of the) use.

third, based on this, to read, to strengthen the basic knowledge of

books are essential to learn and, of course, need to be visible enough, some reference books, but must not throw all the textbooks. Reading should be done four to watch: watch list (regular), preamble (total preamble and preamble to the per unit), topic, topic, look at the content and support (click expert reviews, related links, noun, inquiry should look) summary of comprehensive research, watch, watch unit (each unit). Topic, title, contents, summary of mastery to increase basic knowledge is the Foundation; see list, see the preamble to strengthen mastery of the knowledge relation is the key. Finally, under the guidance of teachers, through typical examples and comment on the paper, learn about different topics of problem-solving skills.

because in reality not really grasping the law of exam solving dropping points is most serious, therefore, candidates who, in addition to emphasis on mastery of basic knowledge, must also learn to grasp the examination questions and holding various types of problem-solving rules and tips. This would require scientific training methods in the entrance exam preparation guide. In peacetime training and job arrangements, arguing that few, strongly oppose tihaizhanshu, stressed the pertinence and effectiveness of training.