2012 examination questions strategies


2012 exam is around the corner, past exam papers, students will lose points for various reasons. For example, without carefully examining entitled no understanding or making sloppy, and so on. How to leave a good impression with college entrance examination marking teachers, what the answer will be a higher score?

, college entrance exam math paper answer tips:

every lover of Mathematics subjects and not as a type of learning math, more as a mathematical game. Because if we think it is, then there will be resentment. When in math papers, was not so much answer the topic, rather than the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment, that effected step by step problem seeks to correct results of perfection.

1, math test is by fight time. Issues volume down, first of all, look at all the problems again. Find out which looks most likely to answer the questions, and then assumed that step, thinking about how best to solve problems in the order.

2, avoid topics not blindly back problems, carefully to examine the topic, clearly asked you to solve any problems, and then organized rapidly to solve problems and improve the accuracy.

3, problem-solving format specifications, key steps to stand out.

Volume 4, multiple choice question time control in less than 35 minutes. Small question, skillfully done,   simple, multiple choice and fill-in questions with combination of number and form, special value validation techniques, to save time.

5, remain calm and steadfast. Not because of other people's overturning or other conduct interferes with their own solutions.

Second, English test questions of college entrance examination techniques:

1, time control: is generally divided into three blocks: the first, 20 minutes listening, grammar for 10 minutes, 30 minutes. Second, Cloze for 20 minutes, 35 minutes of reading comprehension, a total of 55 minutes. Third, for 10 minutes, 20 minutes of writing, a total of 30 minutes. There is 5 minutes left to check papers.

2, the listening section: handed down, read description of time should be used to browse topics, understand about, focus to key parts of the hearing, correct answer rate will improve. To hear digital, era, age, size, shall turn it down so as not to forget. If not heard, or too difficult to follow, need a willingness to give up nagging can only make the damage even more.

3, Cloze: read twice, first read, understand the overall meaning, so as to pose no significant deviations, the second time again lyrics. With difficulty available exclusion, meaning and syntax as a supplement.

4, reading: long articles, you can read the questions, with a question to find the answer. While reading will be considered important parts of this problem quickly and easily find. Grasp the main idea of the article, the author's attitude is the key to answering difficult questions.

5, the translation problem: after you read the questions first consider the structure, prompting generally have to use words or phrases, translate a word or phrase, try a simple and clear way to replace, translated basically means on the line, try not to empty. Translation when you are done to check the original text.

6, writing: topic, the idea of spending five minutes writing taking about 15 minutes to complete. To have their own idea. Carefully examines the crucial not to lose sight of any one word, key word can not be missed, good idea to write a few aspects, are indispensable. Using clause. Written in simple, familiar language best, try to avoid syntax errors. Write as neatly as possible, you can read a teacher a good impression.

third, the Chinese college entrance examination paper answer tips:

1, schedule: time subject to examination purposes, the basic principle is to ensure that can score without losing, not easy to score places attract as many scores. Press the "fractional than" practical application of the principle, score big topic to spend more time, scores of small problems spend less time will do a topic to spend time at a glance, needs to think about solving the problem in a second-tier finish; or have never seen the most difficult topics, on the last tackle.

2 with your stubborn attitude. Long impregnable questions, is not willing to give up, is a waste of time. Putting aside for the time being, the other topics may be inspired.

composition in the exams for notes:

1, the composition in the exams for grade basic level and development level, needs four steps to complete, content development, expression, each 20 minutes, there is a point, the ceiling is 15 minutes, and finally an overall score. Centre for evaluation of content to the meaning and, firstly, in line with the meaning of; is the key to language and style of expression, style distinct; development required literary talent, innovation, literary expression refers to contagious and profound innovation than the average person. There are a number of specific issues are: no problem deducted 2 points, words not deducted 1 points per 50 fewer words, typos, not repeat points.

2, roll surface should be clean, to neat, beautiful fonts instead of bad writing may affect performance.

3, to avoid typos, spelling more than more than a not only points, can also affect the reading teacher's impression of entire papers.

4, to avoid writing the topic. Although open topic composition is very strong, but there are limitations. Examines the first broad view of subject content and grasp the core topic of divergent thinking followed by focusing his familiar, safe, "point", cut to the inside, concentrated power to break.

5, to avoid empty, nothing, the lack of ideas. Face a topic, we to at guide students for from here of contact, by for to fruit of inferred, by phenomenon to nature of analysis, by individual to General of thinking, to in-depth awareness and accurate interpretation topic, and for deep of digs, note rational to analysis, can station in theory of height awareness problem, reveals things of nature, because you of views as long as than general people deep is innovation has.

6, to avoid style unknown, blindly seeking, fabrications. In scoring points at the beginning, the Middle stories, final conclusions and materials did not demonstrate articles in three volumes.

7, the structure is not clear, not kouti turned, not reality. There are quite a few candidates in the text part or most of the free themes, and come back at the end, this three volume ranges. Marking speed, composition writing ideas, structure is especially important, if you read through it again only to find that you don't know what score would not be high.

four, the college entrance examination comprehensive examination paper answer tips:

1, writing, and effective answer. For most candidates, and comprehensive almost no time. For some students, dare to give up part of the topic.

2, a reasonable time. Stability in fast, accurate first. Attention I volume choice, ensure that the scoring of the multiple-choice, multiple choice questions with sufficient time is necessary, even if the choice is easy, no less than 40 minutes, if you are poor or even 60 minutes. II volume distribution is approximately 2 per minute divided into principles, problem should be easy to difficult, very difficult questions not long attack. To calculation problems later is roughly in accordance with the policy, every minute finished about two minutes, on the question, in principle, to 8-9 minutes, no more than 10 minutes. To be accurate when solving problems and improve the accuracy of single answer, don't count on the review.

3, skillfully examines. Generally, for more simple or general difficulty of questions should reading two again; for problem dry more long, and information volume larger of integrated questions, examines the should points three step: a, first rough, brain on problem in the by said content has a general profile; II fine read, figure out problem in the of known, and unknown, and set asked,, brain established a site more clear of physical stories; three reading, excluded topics in the of interference conditions, mining out implied conditions, find the volume Zhijian of inner contact.

order 4, pay attention to the problem. First his strong discipline, make vulnerable subjects, minimizing the answer among disciplines transitions. The spirit of "easiness" principles determine the subject's recall order.

5, note the answer sheet specification. Because such points are pity. Common specifications: loose writing, chemistry, biological terminology is not standard, problem-solving steps do not complete logical imprecise, inaccurate results, writing too, and apply too much roll surface too dirty, and so on.

five, college entrance examination comprehensive examination paper answer tips:

1, simply make the questions asked before answering what is it? What are the requirements? What are the conditions? Good plan, arrange the answer points of order.

2, according to the various types of questions and answers in a targeted manner. Picture fill request brief and to the point; short answers and comprehensive question requires substantial, precise points.

3, the answer to the first part. Before starting with the easiest, when you make several question, will naturally stabilize mood, then doing the more difficult questions, or gradually into the State.

4, answer written cannot be careless, in accordance with the test requirements, pay attention to the format of the answer without pencil to answer. Write clearly, especially place names not wrongly written, clean scaled scoring that teachers can see the content of the answer, and difficult to miss. Roll surface is neat, legible or not, may directly affect the scoring mood and judgment, especially scaled untidiness may point in the composition.

5, when you modify a non-objective answers, shall be abandoned writing off, then in its written above or below the new answer. Modify some writing with the body of the question answer cannot be more than the black rectangle of the area.