Chemistry final review of college entrance examination Guide


1. study outline, solid dual- 

syllabus and teaching materials is the basis for teaching, is proposition based on the college entrance examination. Judging from the chemistry examination sheet in recent years, a number of important "double base", trunk and core contents of knowledge is an important part of comprehensive ability test, especially in volume I multiple choice questions, outline is provided for the basic content of the main exam, so I have to pay attention to materials, widen the area of review of knowledge, solid foundation, to answer basic questions and moderate problems very well.

2. thread focusing on capacity of sublimation  

① students summarizing and inducing properties of elements and their compounds into the diagram. ② summarize, summarize the types of organic reactions, reaction conditions. ③ master classification of isomers and written procedures are effective methods to prevent missing isomers. To master isomers under the constraints in the problem of writing (this is the basic pattern of isomer written over the entrance examination). II comparison of the concentration of ions in the electrolyte. II influence of external conditions on the rate of reaction and chemical equilibrium; principles of equivalent equilibrium and its application. ⑥ cycle, with the same regularity of main group elements; sadly common 10-electron system and the 18-electron system what are the particles. ⑧ different crystal types different substances with the same type of Crystal-melt high or low boiling point of comparison. Krispy Kreme is a common molecular conformations, relationship between bond polarity and the molecular polarity. ⑩ order the discharge of ions in the electrolyte. These need to be summarized and summarized under the teacher's guidance, knowledge networks to facilitate student comprehension and memory.

3. strengthen training   information transfer problems;

in previous years, we note the organic information questions training, but less attention to mineral information questions training. Exam chemistry question to industrial production methods appear as information problems, examine the redox equation and ion equation writing key knowledge, such as trim, high school, is refreshing. On the premise of giving information, how to write a chemical equation? How to analyze relevant phenomenon? How to launch an unknown substance? How to analyze industrial flowcharts? This is the direction we want to focus on.

4. the improvement of chemistry experiment review  

for basic operation, teaching material in all the demonstration experiment with students should be based on the textbook to review in detail.

experiment is actually simple experiments questions "stitching" and comprehensive, so review should pay attention to the Foundation. Such as gas, experiment design, experiment preparation of determination, isolation and purification of substances are associated with device connection, only mastered the role of the device, to connect each device correctly, so the experiment review to guide students to summarize the role of various devices may, and conducted intensive training in solving general problems.  

5. pay attention to the basic format, training calculation ability  

in in recent years of acting fully questions in the, years no yiqian that integrated big of calculation (mixture of calculation, and more step reaction of calculation, and partition between of calculation, and discussion type of calculation), but in recent years of entrance questions calculation capacity increased, involved has electrode reaction of calculation, and more step reaction of calculation, and purity and produced rate of calculation, and oxidation restore titration of calculation,, this on in recent years so-called of "desalination calculation" is powerful of comeback, makes chemical return has it was of face. This is the third year review should adjust its direction for the future.

6. pay more attention to chemical phenomena in life  

most closely related to chemistry and life, all the questions and can be restored to life to meet with book knowledge to students to pay more attention to the life of chemical phenomena, especially hot topic these days, candidates are chemistry-related associations, fully taking into account the possible points.

7. increase interdisciplinary knowledge integration dynamics in  

on 3 levels in the curriculum "know and understand (master), integrated application" to distinguish, and strictly control the difficulty, seek review time, reduce the study burden on students. When the syllabus of 3 levels to distinguish between when it is not so obvious, according to the comprehensive examination of hot spots in recent years, knowledge involved and the difficulty of flexibility.

in recent years, the exam chemistry question to break the knowledge sector barriers, increase discipline knowledge integration dynamics in context, made a successful attempt. In recent years and a large number of experiments and knowledge about element compounds, combining computing knowledge, combining knowledge of organic compounds and related numerical, qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation questions, shows a clear proposition to.

8. improve the ability to answer and answer normative  

specification for perhaps many candidates to be the answer, but as a science exam, candidates tend to neglect the importance of writing. In the annual college entrance examination, short answer questions, experimental questions, writing of chemical terms points rate is particularly high, answers, error, writing extremely irregular, incomplete answers or answer is a universal phenomenon. The main reason is that we lack the training of language skills in teaching, lack of chemical terms written in strict, in review, therefore, you should always create opportunities for students to express their views and improve response.

in short, learning materials, exam outline, but the amorphous law. Is the biggest characteristic of middle school chemistry knowledge spread, memorize knowledge, rule a much smaller, less law, review should be good at summing up, increasing knowledge network.