College entrance exam's got talent to teach you how to easily learn chemistry


Chemistry is the "second language"

"chemistry is the second foreign language", Leo believes that chemical molecular formula is equivalent to the English word, chemical equation is the English sentence, each calculation problems in chemistry, is a reading comprehension in English. "In addition to English, I have a chemistry section notes. "He said that chemistry is good, every substance must remember the typical physical and chemical properties and to be able to write the chemical equation, understand and remember a few common methods of problem solving and basic operation.

accurate memories is a prerequisite

chemistry is relatively simple, but high school was very different. Amount of substance, strong theory of periodic law, redox reactions and more knowledge, high level of abstraction, which has traditionally been thought to contribute to the student Division focuses on knowledge, learning difficulties, such as the periodic law of some relatively easy to mix, oxidation reduction reaction is an element l price easily.

Leo also has a habit of sorting wrong title set: "feel difficult when high, nothing, initially blind to the problem, turns out that doesn't work, put the wrong topic, find out why you did something wrong. ”

accurate understanding and application

Leo lessons said most of chemistry examination questions are usually made of similar questions, some students in the practical application, although keep in mind all the things, but new material properties are still powerless, so in addition to accurate memories, but also know how to understand and use.

"chemical volume of multiple choice questions to do, score big; hard work flow problem, when it comes to new types of problems, to think, as said before. "He said, reaction mechanism is not only a problem, but a series of problems of a similar nature, is from here. If small amounts of chemical equations chemical book from memory, a small amount of material nature, lack of flexibility in the use of regular capacity, will bring all elements of chemical knowledge system lack of horizontal linkages, for its perfect and uniform may create certain problems, is difficult to harness knowledge system as a whole.

learn to summarize knowledge points

Wei Tao science scores have been good, had a solid basic knowledge in chemistry, had previously taken part in chemistry competition, this time the college entrance examination in chemistry, Wei Tao myself by 96 points. In his view, science is the most important two interest and thinking ability. Doing exercises just mechanically repeating the same "work", the effect is not necessarily better.

Lenovo's good summary

after a stage of senior high school chemistry study, some students feel that individual knowledge is to learn, and after entering the review level, many students reviewed their textbook knowledge, is "one-way", like "little bear to break off the corn" only focused on reviewing the current textbook's content. In fact, entrance exam scores, learned only on the one hand, chemistry study of college entrance examination is very broad, more knowledge-oriented applications and summarized.

Wei Tao believes that textbook basics of points must be skilled in the chest, while he was reviewing textbooks, often several together to review the contents of, establishing a complete set of knowledge structures. His textbook content than other students remember well, "to learn how to use review", Wei Tao when reviewing textbooks, tends to see a formula that instantly associate with learned before, and equation-related content.  

classification of learning for the equation

college entrance examination is often a lot of people lose focus of chemistry experiment problems, Wei Tao believes that each one has the same point just mastered the steps of experiment: how to reduce errors, improve safety, laboratory to measure elements of several key aspects of solution, each a little more careful, scores of natural increase.

and three years of high school chemistry, and major equations alone has more than 300 more, some tedious and time-consuming chemical equation, for some students remember all the chemical equation is a difficult "works". Therefore, Wei Tao recommended to learn to give chemical equations classify, in accordance with the types of chemical reactions: substitution reactions, redox reactions, Nucleophilic addition, combination reaction, decomposition reactions such as, "not by rote, to learn how to find the same formula, figure out the type."

build your knowledge network

Lin Chih wei's own chemistry into four points.

first, learn the basic body of knowledge

should learn including some chemistry-related common sense, part of the equation, physical color, status, etc. Lin Chih wei said these should gradually accumulate in the usual learning, such as reading, or do the exercises when encountered, it should consciously paying attention to it, and over time will remember. In addition, there are mnemonics memory memory or keywords can be used, such as: chemical equilibrium 4 keywords (such as, fixed, fixed, variable).

Second, familiar with the important chemistry and chemical process

the experiments in the book, process, integrated a number of points, such as: laboratory preparation of chlorine, industrial sulfuric, acetic ethyl ... ... Therefore, Lin Chih wei suggest that students not only to remember the whole experimental process, and what each chemical instruments and methods of cleaning, drying and exhaust gas treatment. Basic understanding of book experiment, experiment problems encountered, future flow problems before an analogical transfer.

third, appropriate practice filling traps

Lin Chih wei say they often practice finding deficiencies, fill gaps and to fill vacancies. And like many others, he also suggests making a "wrong title set" do wrong, valuable topics recorded, giving wrong and positive solution, always read and understand it thoroughly. In the practice, and gradually understanding, a certain way of thinking in chemistry, for example: inference, immediately think of knowledge points; for industrial process questions, contact life; for frame problem and focuses on theoretical and analogical reasoning and so on.

Finally, build their own knowledge network

Lin Chih wei suggested that after each learning stage, own sort of knowledge, build their own knowledge network, rather than relying on existing knowledge networks, knowledge about the unclear points, they cannot resolve should be promptly ask the teacher or classmates, to avoid leaving gaps of knowledge.