Comprehensive review of college entrance examination gold programme


Overview of the college entrance examination in recent years changes, we need is to firmly grasp the proposition of new trends, new trends of college entrance examination, advance planning, from mirrors to well known, can let you have all the millions, battle fierce battle, laughing, stronger Krupp to ashes. Teacher guidance, the Midas touch; a journey begins with a single step; nine-story tower rises from a heap of Earth, the first step in helping you successfully take a college entrance exam review! &Nbsp;


thinking thin   thickening of the brain

laying emphasis on scientific methods in the study is the only effective way to improve capacity, emphasizing the physical understanding of the basics, come in from the sea, attention to physical methods of induction, comparing physical ideas and methods to identify problems, analyze and solve problems. Final target must memorize physics concepts, formulas, questions, but in thinking about thinking of physical question, key knowledge review.

1. round-the backbone of knowledge

in recent years entrance acting fully papers and the physical separate proposition papers, are note highlight test trunk knowledge, including uniform consisting law, and Newton law, and mechanical can conservation, and mechanical wave, and charged particles in farm in the of accelerated and deflection, and charged particles in magnetic field in the of movement, and electromagnetic induction,, proposition both on non-focus knowledge (hot, and light, and original) of test, in papers in the this three part are has corresponding of questions, these non-focus knowledge of test more to select problem appeared, focuses on Yu on knowledge of understanding, Also reflects a certain degree of integrated.

2. skills in running the college entrance examination

physics can be summarized as comprehension, reasoning ability, analytical ability, applied mathematical physics problem, experiments and research ability, ability to understand both the Foundation and core. College entrance examination in recent years there have been a number of autonomous learning and new questions of innovation ability, these topics examine candidates quickly accepting and applying new knowledge self-learning ability, problem-solving is the key to accurately extract the useful information, and with the knowledge that has added new information to solve the problem.

3. the science and technology leading the life

designs focus on physical examination situations with real-life contact, questions of life are based on real life or real problems, from candidates who are familiar with or known phenomena of life. In recent years, the college entrance examination in physics, application-oriented, innovative examination questions is most evident in every important knowledge of the physical block, are closely related to modern science and technology, the students should be good at mining application examples in life, life and social hot topic, focus on emerging technology.

4. master inquiry skills

experimental test of college entrance examination in recent years more emphasis on hands-on, analytical reasoning, ability to design experiments, emphasize the understanding and application of experimental ideas and methods. Because of this, students experiment to develop good study habits, master inquiry skills. (1) clear aims, principles or theories. Include what the laws of physics, formulas, and electrical circuit diagrams used in the experiment. To find out what is known, is measured. Then select the required instruments and experimental conditions, and designed the experimental steps, drawing record forms. (2) the correct adjustment and installation of equipment, connection.

test prep strategies   one step ahead

1. the teacher & students practice

entering high school, mentor books, as well as more titles are assigned by the teacher, some students and teachers because of the endless talk about touch, so that review work is terrible. To ensure the review of the effect, it is recommended that when you do exercises, first singular problem, even after title, so that even if the time available is done only in the singular title, various questions of the topic has also been effective.

2. materials & teaching books

entering the third year, every Department has a corresponding supplementary books, some students the textbook aside, through teaching and doing exercise to review the book, practice has proved that such a review has not worked. Is the best carrier reflect physical ideas and methods of teaching materials, students review a chapter to read textbooks, understanding the ideas and methods, read the textbook and then use supplementary books. Also, to deal with the relationship between supplementary books and materials, supplementary books of knowledge in comparison with the teacher explained the content, comprehensively improve their knowledge system. Learning ability of the students, should be based on the readings and listen carefully and gradually develop their own ability to independently arrange knowledge system, so as to really improve the efficiency of learning.

3. reading & questions

many had just entered high school students, tend to the problem instead of the review, which is not desirable. Just do a lot of questions, and not carefully read the system, has little practical significance. Reading and questions are complementary, read further to understand physical concepts, rules and methods, through the problem is familiar with its application, but do not know its use, do not look inefficient. Many exam questions from the textbook, really understand physics students each one can reflect on their test was textbook which concepts and laws, as well as topic the physical methods used. After we finished our question to sum in a timely manner, through questions to reflect on, to strengthen the understanding of physical concepts and laws of physics, through questions reflect method to grasp the problem of law and, by analogy, with less effort.

4. standard answers & daily training

physics answer the General requirements are: full reasoning, levels must be clear, logical to close, language specification and has the subject characteristics, concise text, letter symbols to specification and in accordance with the discipline habits. Detail principle answer is, physics, and math slightly. Write, write clearly and identified separately. Solution to branch to write equations to a separate line, you cannot write down the equation, the answer follows in text. The daily training, planned time-limit, state the problem you want to test, and must conform to the disciplines of writing specifications, this problem most efficiently. Don't question the answers, one a reflection, but all topics for reflection summary will do.


in art, we often say "know the victorious", in fact, our examination He Chang is not a war without gun smoke, and the review is preparation for the war, so we have to know, can win the college entrance examination.

first, he who knows  

first of all, we must be aware of the teacher's plan for the review, including the content and timing, so as to ensure the review results.

then we also have a clear structure and examine the contents of the examination in previous years, although topics change, but the test of knowledge and questions have changed a little, for understanding over the examination is therefore necessary. For example local papers of college entrance examination structure and master over the entrance examination:

(1) attaches importance to the main knowledge. Over entrance are test has Avogadro constants, elements periodic table, and material structure, and electrochemical, and chemical balance, and common elements compounds nature and application, and organic chemistry based knowledge, and chemical experiment principle and operation, and chemical calculation, important knowledge and skills outside, some new class modified area also test has rich new courses module features of dissolved degrees product constants, and chemical balance constants, and enthalpy variable and spontaneous reaction, and 1H NMR spectrum, content.

(2) strengthen the experimental ability. Test by screening, one experimental program correctness variable design, qualitative and quantitative experiments, including both investigated basic knowledge and basic skills of chemical experiment, and better reflect the new curriculum offering experimental chemical modules of learning requirements.

(3) the students ' information literacy. Tests compared with previous years, this year's chemistry in many provinces there has been a lot of questions of different types of information materials, such as data, charts, relationship, requires candidates to apply materials analysis and draw the right conclusions, which inspired the college entrance examination for candidates we put forward higher requirements.

Second, the friend  

firstly you need to determine what level of students, and then actively seek guidance from the teacher, worked out his plan for the review. Like many subjects in high school chemistry review and three rounds of review method is used frequently, we develop independent review of the scheme cannot be separated from the teacher's planning, so we also need to be divided into three stages of review:

first stage: to comb, bring together the knowledge, law, systematic knowledge. Time depending on the teacher's progress, was completed in September to next February. This phase longer, more content, we need to pay attention to the following:

1. mainly to textbooks to implement each point

typically featured a review of information (usually teacher) as the main reference for organizing knowledge, practice, and should return textbooks at any time during the review process, find a foothold in the textbook and the extension of knowledge, continuously improving and deepening the knowledge of chemistry in middle school.

2. the other subjects, resolve difficulty

second stage: the integration of knowledge, to cultivate the comprehensive capability. Time of 3 April. After after a review, we are familiar with each knowledge, we need to do is to further study the consolidation, is mainly realized through comprehensive exercises. Stressed again books, each one has to be able to find it from the textbook corresponds to the points.

phase III: the final stretch, from May to early June. This is a critical stage, to make yourself wrong or ignoring the content completely solved before the college entrance examination.

has has for himself tailored custom of review plans, actually three review also not a how pain of things, daily by spent time also not special more, but actually completed exercises is quite more of, probably estimated Xia only himself completed of integrated volume on up more than 40 more sets, select problem only two round review on completed has more than 400 more road, and entrance only 7 road just, so we to believes himself has do has full to prepared, keep good of mentality.