Comprehensive review of college entrance examination must do three things


Looking back on the third year review process, I have to say that the first round of review are extremely important, it will cover all of the knowledge, our knowledge to check missing opportunity to trap, also can be said to be the only comprehensive review of opportunities is the cornerstone of the entire exam review course. Based on my personal experience, I think there are three things in the first round of review are the most important, do these three things will help you won the first round of review.

first, follow the teacher, improve classroom efficiency.

This is the most important thing, follow the teacher's footsteps, improve classroom efficiency, we must not underestimate the role of classroom.

graduate teacher, especially focused on secondary school teachers generally have many years of experience in preparation, each class is the fruit of their years and experience, so the first priority is to listen to a good review each lesson. Listen what class? Is not saying all 40 minutes is listening to the teacher listen class, a class of students is sure to follow in the footsteps of teacher, clear teacher thinking, understand the logic of the teacher, take this lesson the teacher focus and contents of primary and secondary processing and planning.

some top health think class Shang of content too shallow "eat not full", so will in class Shang bent on II with, side lectures side wrote job or do other independent review, I think such outweigh the, even has master has this Hall class  80% of content, in bent on II with of low efficiency class learning in the, you is may will missed has addition 20% content, and this gaps is may forever also fill not back. Instead, rather than lectures, combining teacher is taught to associate related knowledge, not only can deepen the understanding of what teachers say, their memories of the acquired knowledge, but also to review the associated content. On took history for, said a a period of political status Shi, on can Lenovo same period of economic, and culture, and national, and foreign contacts, situation, said a once reform, can Lenovo this a reform before and after other reform and the they their of contact and effect, such both can improve class efficiency, also can at any time will knowledge points link into line, established up perfect of knowledge network.

Second, the endorsements.

memory is of course fundamental for liberal arts students, back textbooks not only review things to do in the first round, entered the third year or from one to step into the college entrance exam before the exam work cannot be ignored, since the first round of review are the basis of several rounds of review after, endorsement is particularly important in the first round of review. Students in the first round of review must ensure that the contents of the review to memorize at least once, preferably twice, without the base, in order to improve performance in the future will be very difficult. People complain that endorsement is difficult, because behind the back and forget, will never back up. In fact, endorsement is in the process of repeatedly forgetting, forgot it doesn't matter, persistence is good. Insist on repeating over and over again, after so many memories and mind must have been struck, don't underestimate this little impression it seems deep but is likely to become lifesavers examination proved whenever back things will stay in the memory, in the question stem stimulation is likely again to remember. I recommends everyone daily each subjects the spent 20-40 minutes to endorsement, certainly, endorsement does not just rote, also is to combined subject features, for different of subjects, endorsement of method the has different: history about details, is most test memory of subjects, textbooks in the of characters, and small, and map, and and comments are cannot let, everyone listening to up may think incredible, but we class almost all students are is such do of, This is our class synthesis area occupies the third position in the top ten as one of the important reasons. In first round review in the we is a class a class back of, then on requirements himself first put this class book from beginning to end detailed to, and no missed to back down, then finishing out a outline, for example this a class involved of political, and economic, and culture, and national, and foreign relationship,, according to this outline put this a class in the of knowledge trunk again strengthened memory a again, last put easy forgotten of small knowledge points as small, and map, and comments, finishing out again back a again, three again after on can on this class book has compared good of master has.

political is about systematic, because political scored of level depends on you by mentioned of scored points of number, and to put all knowledge points are answer out, except to remember they, also to grasp these of scored points of inner contact, and they applies of situation, if you in brain in the formed has perfect of knowledge system, on can by a scored points Lenovo out related of scored points. So, back when knowledge cannot be separated from political, every class, every chapter, every book of knowledge point summed up in a simple language, and then follow them closely and logically linked into networks, boost memory context of knowledge, to involve a little reminiscent of the entire purpose of the knowledge network.

geography is the temperament of most science courses in the Liberal Arts and pure memory is good geography, most understand and summarize the rules. Geographic is divided into Humanities and natural two a part, natural geographic can is divided into terrain, and climate, and soil, and water, and vegetation several aspects to memory, not only to know its so, also to know its why, master the geographic things above several aspects situation formed of reasons, will these geographic status and Sun of movement, related theory contact up, to understanding mainly, master has which of law, to wants to from a conditions analysis out other aspects of situation does not difficult. Human geography is based on labor, raw materials, fuel, technology, transport and so on to memory, combined with nature such as solar activity, activity of the atmosphere to remember. I've always thought human geography physical geography is hard to learn, because it is very flexible, so master the textbook knowledge at the same time, also read some relevant information, expand their knowledge, learning more about the world.

third, become a problem.

third, I'm afraid everyone's desktop filled with five-year entrance examination? like three years of simulation exercises, but presented with a variety of questions but don't know where to start. First of all, I have a rule of thumb: students must complete homework assigned by the teacher. There may be some students think, out of the problem without entrance examination are very high quality, so not enough, in fact, the first round of review is the review of knowledge, teachers understand the key points of our current review, thus their topic is best suited to our current review of the actual, is the best way to help us acquire knowledge, check missing trap. In addition, the first round of review stage in the completion of tasks assigned by the teacher on the basis of, I suggest you review the knowledge at the time, select the appropriate college entrance examination or simulated exercises, the main goal is a solid foundation and knowledge to break one by one. Learn more than force of students also can do some entrance really problem of select problem, don't too care wrong has how many, put wrong of topics make clear, and collection up slowly Digest prevent again wrong on line has, as text expressed problem, can according to himself of situation daily do some, everyone may will think took too more, fundamental impossible completed, actually this inside has a tips, that is big problem Shi everyone as long as with several Word wrote himself thought of answer points on can has, focus is control answers Hou master topics of answer logic, Find your missing points, and memory.

do not think that the topic has to do, should also learn to review have been a problem. This is a very, very important work. Papers review done, first of all, just look at the title, included a list of its own knowledge, then the answer, check your knowledge of what's missing, then control what he previously answered points, missing the knowledge. Only his last answer, now answer and the answers in the answer compares find their own defects, reflection summary getting the correct answer takes the idea, we can learn from experience and continuous improvement. And in the first round of the review stage preferably twice. In the usual tests, too, every time the paper down, we all should be doing according to this method will test over again, including every stage test, we should be in accordance with the method in this stage all papers review once I've done, which is very effective at every stage to improve their methods.