Countdown to the CSSA review: leak filled the most important


Memories: the physical, chemical and biological knowledge structure of three plates, combing test, check for blind spots and leakage points in the review.

reading: involves three basic concepts and theories of content, can be selectively read the textbook and notes, but avoid blindness and arbitrariness.

rewinder: the closer the University entrance exam, the more there is a need to review the papers that had done, especially recent quizzes or regional diagnostic test questions. By rewinding, can leak, but also able to find wrong reasons, more teachers when marking requirements, problem-solving ideas, review and retrieval methods, great help to combat college entrance examination.

ownership: do combine their actual review in the near future, according to his own plans in an orderly fashion, not parrot.

title: college entrance examination, a suitable level test, to help find a feeling. Examination of the questions selected for the past two years as far as possible, don't make a reference in the title, because the quality is uneven, more candidates will be misleading. In addition, stop doing new, health questions and problems, strange title, let alone to yati, don't compare with other students doing exercise efficiency, as it may cause damage to the confidence.