Distance 60 days how to improve the college entrance examination


College entrance examination still have 60 days before 2012, how to Sprint, continued energy, results continue to improve, which is placed in front of many students and parents of the problem. Here, Beijing school teachers four senior physics teacher Wei hua, Beijing will talk about the Sprint review improve.

first, check default trapping

check the lack of effective methods of trapping is usually practiced, unit test, mid-term exam and more exercise, I did but there was a wrong question out of it, not too difficult, force and put aside all other carefully revised, mark and go on a regular basis. Where is lost, where is filled. These popular topic is more suitable than the outside world, more focused, more actual effect. This is the "right" can eliminate dead ends, effectively improve the performance in a short time.

some students think, "is to require review of college entrance examination". Some students think, "is to see fresh problems." They have missed the point: lots of low, mid-range questions the same entrance requirements. Deformation is also widely used in college entrance examination of common questions. So, to the final stage of review, the more stressed the "back to basics". And cannot collect new questions, novelty, difference, and hard, into the sea, but lost at all, did not have a good result.

had, has one four in the of students, each test physical are not too good, after and teacher exchange, he will himself all errors of problem in a Zhang paper Shang copy down, will paper stack into four vertical road, then in first vertical Canal wrote a again, had days, again wrote second again, in exam Qian again do a again, in test again do a again, basically guarantee four again, after half semester of efforts, in entrance in the, he of physical results reached has class of Qian five name!  

Second, the system

knowledge and knowledge of important methods to enrich, tick feeds, in order, can be extracted quickly in times of need, which is in itself a capacity. In the examination room, which also is a competitive strength. If you learned a lot of knowledge and plenty of exercise are not summarized, mind like a disorganized warehouse, more goods packed in, the harder it is to find what they need. The harvest season and asked for keliguicang. To organize the contents learned by horizontal and vertical linkages between, something common in all kinds of different things out. System which is able to use the simplicity of language generally, repeat the relevant content.

system integration is one of the ways to do "cheat sheet". For each discipline, rules, formulas, and the main concepts and linkages between them, and important ways, confusing issues, typical example and their own lessons, sort out, write it down in 2 size 8 white. So I think the most important thing, very timely to remind ourselves of the things, most neglected places with problems, after their processing, have a clear understanding. To enrich, sort, record, can be easily read from time to time as a "memorandum". Would point out that this "memorandum" should not be too large in length should be limited to 8 paper 2 or less. More to the final review stage, more from the pile of books, a lot of notes, a lot of examination paper free, you must complete the transformation from most to least. This is a key to improve test-taking ability. Especially prior to the exam, just spend some time carefully "memorandum" read it again, is equivalent to the main content of this subject carried out a comprehensive review, this is a recommended effective ways.

third, planning

plan for your weak areas, take the time to improve to detect short of trapping and integrated systems. According to their own schedule, not a number of popular tests disrupting their plans. Program goal is to seek truth from facts, and immediate reality. Not too much, not blindly, but to raise their own, can increase how much improved.

some students are often not comprehensive plans, but keen on looking for problems. This is not appropriate. There are two reasons: first, questions problems accounted for little and requires strong capabilities. Despite the expensive price, not many scores. Instead, the total volume lost is mainly in the less difficult question errors and vulnerabilities more. There must be a clear understanding on this point. Late in the second to the review, in order to maintain confidence in learning and good mood. Confidence comes from proper estimation of personal strength. Too difficult, is not complaining; but it is not too difficult, I would, be sure to get scores, promise not to throw innocent, this is the State of mind. At this stage do the difficult question, can cause excessive anxiety, confidence, emotional instability, more damaging in the college entrance examination during normal play.

final phase of the review plan, to pay attention to guarantee disposal of time for individual study. Always listening, ears is used the most. Now need to think for themselves, their own summary, arrangements for your situation, don't rely too much on teachers. In order to effectively use the time and improve efficiency.