English review of college entrance examination: a well-grounded reasonable deployment


College entrance examination in 2012 and 2 month exam, to reinforce the Foundation of excellent students, selection of test scoring rate; students grasp the underlying problem, breakthrough in mid-range capacity problem; weak can lead based problems, attention problems. English review proposals are described below.

English:  well-grounded, reasonable deployment

Although the vocabulary size affects directly the problem of quality of, the understanding of the article and the problem the speed of.

English as a foreign language is a well-grounded process, listening, reading and writing is the review of the Sprint stage of the main line. So candidates must adhere to read more. A model later whether the examinee is ideal or not, should arrange a certain time every day for Adaptive training and simulations to make themselves feel good about language and the problem of quick thinking.

1, listening, listening is the first part of the English, well begun is half done, and listening tests are the most affected by the psychological question exam in addition to everyday listening outside, should be conducted at least once a week a hearing training, simulation must pay into the State, cannot be too relaxed. In practice training focused, calm and psychological elements.

2, multiple choice questions with simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and the verb as the core. To summarize my often wrong place, overall classified clearance. Should pay particular attention to non-predicate verbs, verb tenses, verb phrases and the comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives, adverbs, common phrases are focused on the college entrance examination test items.

3, finished-shape blanks from fast to slow, easy to difficult, use a process of elimination, such as answer tips, option must be reluctant, making full use of before and after hinting information, ultimately I have to read through to see if there are inconsistencies or expression of less than perfect place. Teaching learning network teachers remind you when finished-shape blanks, best first 1-2 minutes to read the text again, on the whole, in order to grasp the author's thoughts and ideas and will not commit to partly replace the overall error, and by reading the article, students may find some answers below. After you finish the form, candidates should read it again, simple error was found.

4, about composition. As with Chinese writing, English composition first concern should be to write, pay attention to the written format, capitalization issues and a space, plural nouns, verbs in different tenses and so on. Candidates should pay attention to the writing accumulation and simulation, recite some advanced words, phrases and sentences are effective ways to enhance the composition. Find some examples to study is also a good method. Recommendations under each topic, the candidates are advised to write an article, can control fan looking for a gap, will not only help students strengthen the fixed structure, you can also prepare the candidate in the language.

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