Experience of college entrance examination: a method of improving the efficiency of university entrance exam review 6


Review of college entrance examination, many students look very hard, but results are not ideal. The reason, many people are learning efficiency is too low. In the same time, only half of mastering other people learn knowledge, so how can I learn? So, should study how to improve efficiency?

a guaranteed 8 hours a day, sleep. Don't stay up late at night, regular bedtime. Adhere to a NAP at noon. Enough sleep, full of the spirit is essential to improve efficiency.

Second, learning to focus. Play fun play, learn when to learn. Day to night slogging away at the desk, not good policy. Learning to a certain extent will take a rest, with energy. The study, be sure to take a rest. But when learning, be sure to put your heart into it, mind and hand. Often when I was studying of Tao Yuan-ming's "in the city, and horses and noise-free" State, only my hands and brain and textbook Exchange.

third, learning to take the initiative. Only take the initiative to learn, to experience the fun, for anyone interested in learning more. With interest, increased efficiency will unknowingly. Some students Foundation is bad, does not understand the problems are always in the process of learning, and ashamed to ask for advice, the result is a Moody, distracted from any talk about improving the efficiency of learning. At this time, the only way is, to ask for advice, don't understand must be understood, bit by bit accumulation in order to progress. So, to gradually increase its efficiency.

four, insisted exercise. The body is "learning" qualification. Do not have a good body, and great ability can not play. Thus, busy studying or relaxation exercises cannot be ignored. Some students neglected to study exercise, become weak, learn more and feel powerless. So how can improve learning efficiency?

five, www.AAA.com. In the learning process, and information on textbooks and workbooks in all subjects together on a regular basis. Unavailable, see where. When students check out a book, East West, disappears. Time lost in the busy and anxiously looking for. In my view, disorganized students will not learn very well.

six, maintaining a happy mood, along with his classmates. Every day has a better mood, a neat, active, natural high efficiency. The other hand, combining individual and collective, mutual relations with students, unity and progress, and can also improve the efficiency of learning.