Gao Sansheng must read: how to stimulate the brain more potential


In order to better in the College arena in peacetime will be harder, Gao Sansheng and stimulate their brains more potential, here are some methods.

1. movement: studies have shown that people who get enough sports, their brains are better. Voluntary relief movement can, and therefore more useful. This means found to enjoy the sport, rather than force myself to exercise, can make you smarter, and more happiness. Therefore, some exercise, select a training program, such as a marathon, triathlon or "fun race", or together with someone, make exercise fun.

2. ask "why": curiosity and our brains together. As we grow older "mature", many people began to suppress or deny their natural curiosity. Makes one curious mind! one day asked at least ten "why" become a habit! your brain will become happy, you'll be surprised to learn that there are so many opportunities and solutions.

3. laughing: laughter is good for health and can promote the body to release endorphins, chemicals and other positive forces. Laughter can help us pressure, you can break the old pattern. Therefore, the smile can be seen as a fast charge on the brain. Laugh a lot!

4. memory: brain is a memory machine, so give it a chance to work it! take a moment to memory. Let your mind self-response, it will give you positive emotions, new contacts will help you with the memory of learning and challenge.

5. listening to music: fulangxisi┬Ělaoxier, a psychologist and her colleagues found that listening to Mozart can improve mathematical and spatial reasoning abilities. Even rats to walk the labyrinth, listening to Mozart than after listening to white noise, or go after the minimalist composer Philip Glass music faster and more accurate. Lao Xier reported for mice at least, a Mozart Sonata can stimulate nerve cells in the brain signal relating to the activities of the three genes.

6. improve your skills doing things: as long as you want to grow your skills and knowledge, some repetitive mental stimulation is also not a bad idea.

7. play: take time to play, time to play. It's good for your mind and brain. It gives opportunities for strategic thinking of your brain and keep it running.

8. sleep in memory: previewing key information, and then go to bed, help improve the memory of 20% to 30%. If this makes you drowsy, you will sleep with it easily. But if your thoughts keep you awake, it will write all of them down, sometimes by way of their "out of mind," you'll be able to sleep (so standing beside him pen and paper).

9. concentration: the concentration can increase brain power, this is obvious. But those factors interfere with attention is not always so obvious. Learn to notice when you're distracted, for example, you need to ask students a question, this may interfere with your throughout the morning, undermine your ability to think clearly, even if you don't realize what is tormenting you.

10. activities with passion: no dedicated, you do great work. When people learn and grow by creating, they will go all out. Remember when you were a kid, what do you love, I put all my energy in that. This is your gateway to genius, leads to the natural way. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso love activities and love to explore.

11. the cycle of awareness: when your consciousness in the days weak strong. In most cases, weak consciousness of every 90 minutes to 30 minutes. Watch yourself to this cycle. If you learn to understand and track your state of mind, thinking "the most sober" when focusing on the most important activity.

12. learn something new: when we learn a few new things, is the huge potential in the development of the brain. Learn a new Word every day. Active memory words have a strong connection with intelligence. When you have a new word in the vocabulary, the brain can think in new ways more subtle differences between the two ideas. Let your brain to learn, this is the best way to allow your brain to re-energize.

13. in order to read and write: writing for yourself there must be great value. Write when you need something to read, our brain be properly activated. Writing the greatest benefit is that it can expand our brain capacity. Find the way to read and write, write something to read to your friends, write a story of his childhood.

14. building confidence in the brain: find will inspire you and stimulate your creativity around the ambitious people. Link people, places and things, exploring new opportunities, and find answers to your questions.