High school art students of subject reviewing methods and techniques


China education online   after entering high school, faces important tasks of learning, arts and science classes in high school after begin, the following overview of Arts students at the time of each school's review of methods and techniques.

mathematics: a lot of the problem is required

many a student likes to cite has a high score candidates "don't tihaizhanshu, fine questions, good questions, other than a lot of the problem more effectively," that kind of thing, find excuses himself to avoid the problem. But how everyone, before this 10 road problem, not are do a again, who can know which road is good problem, and fine problem? even teacher for you draw has which road is focus, which road is difficulties, but, you know which road problem on you most has benefits did? so, large do problem is required of, has has must problem volume do based to understand which species questions, and which test centers is himself of fatal points, to has targeted to overcome.

suggest you start from one round of review and careful mastering each of the knowledge, not ambiguous. Live classroom exercises, sync to do matching exercise yourself. When attention to the cultivation of regular problem-solving ideas, improve the efficiency of examination questions and pay attention to carefully scrutinize each time the problem, carefully checking problem is not wrong, wrong title left off, problems can choose.

languages: "select" Gets the world

want to choose win, accumulation is a very good way. Note that accumulated in the classroom teacher and often emphasized the notional words in classical Chinese, words, idioms, and often review; class choices, limited training, develop problems, sum up experiences and points to wrong yourself. Stick to it, the accumulation would be a valuable asset.

in addition, the 18th problem composition to score 60 points up scores of 40% and the total number of one-second, we need extra attention. Accumulation can also play a big role in the composition, often good, focusing on recording good inspiration and getting along with material, exam flip can raise questions, improve writing fluency.

English: read the original essay

find the province's top ten single when the subjects of Arts and Sciences, I found myself the only 20 people scores are lower than this subject is English. So must not think English is not important, or English wouldn't open scores. My English, 136 minutes, if, like me, in this section were exceeded more than 10 minutes, even dozens of points, is not cheap and it is difficult to find in other subjects.

reflect on their own learning, I think my problem is reading little, lack of sense and basic language literacy. So the lesson from my advice to everyone is, read the new concept English so valuable, authentic English essays, not only to improve their English reading speed and quality, enhance the sense of, but also for beautiful sentences in English composition and lay a solid foundation. Meanwhile, reading and writing should be always accumulate words and common super class words, expand his vocabulary. Rich vocabulary, in the face of various types, different emphasis on paper, in order to avoid tensions, rapid start, produced the perfect answer.

when it comes to quickly enter the State English exam, have to mention hearing. So students listening must cross the border, give yourself a good start and psychological implications. Listening requires practice, usually simulate exam conditions, trial training of noise devices, perseverance will follow.

comprehensive: much more practice and mastery

geography is the Liberal Arts students most in need of science thought in the subject, than math. Whether the long-term difficulties of Earth movement or the trickiest part subjective, requires human thought and thinking. So-called idea is thought to require not only knowledge, as well as common sense and thinking is logical thinking, ideas should be careful, detailed wishes to, can not underestimate, not arrogance, step by step, rigorously reasoned inference to be essential conclusions. Stick is most important in learning geography, quantitative only qualitative changes, numerous trivial principle theory of accumulation of knowledge in order to lay the Foundation. Not to the University entrance exam will not give up learning geography, keep a sense of familiar problems, high profile and upward momentum is closer to success.

focus of politics well back, theoretical basis to apply theory to obtain and analyze information, mobilize and apply knowledge, describe and explain things, arguments, and discussion questions. Knowledge must be memorized, cross memory multiple angles, a variety of methods, such as extracting knowledge knowledge of memory details, again according to different classification of subject knowledge and memory, and finally even brought some knowledge, we will know the extent of where in the book.

skilled knowledge points memorized and in-depth understanding of its content, while also should pay attention to current affairs, particularly authoritative analysis, in-depth analysis, comprehensive thought, practice, and set answers to the sum rule.

high requirement for Humanities students ' quality and ability in history. We should make good use of time chain series at some stage of economic, political and cultural characteristics of various historical and construction of both macro-framework for micro-details of historical knowledge, master the facts mentioned in the book, together. In addition to this history should also have the ability to learn, to summarize, analyze historical data alone, looking for historical laws, to solve practical problems. This requires that we always book, look book, fundamental law of return textbooks are history.

comprehensive exam time is a mark. Multiple-choice questions four minutes, time enough, given the fact that, diukuixiejia the water. And also to deal with thoughts, responses, record answers the arrangement of the three. Thinking requires rigorous thorough, respondents need to be neat and quickly, to accurately record more precise.