Third year review: Gao Sansheng must know the four valid points


Effective points are increased to three points.  -Entrance was to be increased, it is necessary to treat time. Time, it is necessary to reduce useless power; power to reduce useless, must have valid points against, do everything possible to catch. Three greatest grief, wasted effort is desperately and single-mindedly.

a point or memory:

years of experience tells us that "base defeat." Whether it is good or a learning difference, to make learning effective in the near future, it is necessary to grasp knowledge of memory. Knowledge and memory, is what should be remembered without remembering those basics. This knowledge point, remembered a day, one day there won't be good. Mathematics, physics, differential, some formulas are largely not remember; English is poor, very much is there are a lot of words and phrases do not remember. Obviously, strengthen the basic knowledge of memory, is essential.

Second, the concept of ambiguity:

as we all know, drivers lost its way, slammed on the accelerator is ridiculous; student learning, concept, concept can only be confused confused problem was never going to improve academic achievement. Recent points one by one crack vague knowledge of the various disciplines, is a superior approach.

three, Chang Kaoyi wrong:

and "often fallible" was top heavy before the test. Why "often", because it is focused on why "error-prone" because there is no control, so there are plans to test all "often error-prone" to find out, one intensive, academic performance will have a qualitative leap.

four potential, branch points:

to make learning effective, it is necessary to concentrate a superior force, dig, dig potential subjects.   Potential discipline, that is their most to add subject. This increased discipline, whether it is strong or weak branches, whether it is science or liberal arts, through review, can increase it. Which subjects can be increased through review, on which subject with great effort, through which chapters review can take minutes, on which sections with a difference.