Tips: comprehensive exam Essentials


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comprehensive exam is the integration of three subjects, physical-chemical value thinking, detail, bio-accumulation of stress. The paper down and spend the first 5 minutes to go through the whole volume, title number, ease of understanding, in control of emotions.

on this basis, a reasonable allocation of time. Multiple-choice arranged roughly 40-50 minutes to complete; non-multiple choice questions about control in the 90-100 minutes. When doing non-multiple choice questions, according to his/her own habits, subjects and questions of the first, scoring, from easy to difficult to complete the test. Think 5 minutes is still not formed to answer the problems temporarily put aside.

skills: comprehensive finale question, students should be the basis of strategic giving up, enough time to ensure the basic and mid-range questions score.

Second, respectively

different features of the different topics.

select problem to fill coated specification, and in place, cannot dislocation; do Jane answer, must to avoid "simplistic", must involved principle, language concise, answer to "problem fundamental"; answers inferred problem, and experiment problem, thinking must to open, and active, before and after contact, full, and more angle consider, looking for problem-solving "breakthrough", right figured proposition people intent; select problem to see topics is requirements selected right of also is errors of answers, on topics in the "are" "must" "all" such of with Word must to judge accurate ; A physiological process diagrams, charts, drawings and graphics questions, to understand the meaning of.

not so you can make a choice, and mark, there is time to reconsider and with difficulty using a process of elimination, must not remain vacant.

third, the reasonable

according to the expression of meaning of requirement specifications and accurate written account terms.

chemical structure of organic connections between atoms in a simple way to express correctly, not misplaced. Structure-there are several, but the carbon-carbon bond do not simplify, ester, the atom of the carboxyl group and the aldehyde sequences don't write, writing specifications on benzene, Nitro, amino when writing on the carbon attached to the n atoms.

not wrongly written. For example, "interesterified" cannot be written as "fat" and "carboxyl" cannot be written as "acid" and so on.

biology questions with strong words, must pay attention to examine the topic, with special attention to detail.

four, the will to win

examination is a competition of intelligence, is the embodiment of mind and willpower of the contest. Put positive attitude test, calm answer.

formulas: my new, must be done carefully; you will I will, the point is to do; I also, don't be upset.