Charge standard

★ primary "language, mathematics, English, math," 30 yuan per hour (College students)   40 Yuan per hour (the majors)   50 Yuan per hour (University students)  

★ Middle "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math" 40 Yuan per hour (College students) (early first 240; 350) to 50 Yuan per hour (the majors) (first 250; 360)

★ secondary three school leavers/self-study examination "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math, professional course" 50 Yuan per hour (College students) (high high 250; high 360)   60 Yuan per hour (the majors) (high 260 Yuan higher, high 370

)   100 yuan per hour (separation/retirement/teachers; foreign teachers)  

★ adult English/English English/business English/46/50 Yuan per hour of English Phonetics (College students)   60 Yuan per hour (common English majors)   70 Yuan per hour (normal English major graduate students)   100 yuan per hour (undergraduates)  

★ small languages foreign languages (Japanese, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spain) to 50 Yuan per hour (non-majors) (Japanese, 50, 60)   60 Yuan per hour (undergraduate and graduate) (Japanese, 60, 70 Yuan)   70 Yuan per hour (graduate and

graduates) (Japanese, 70 Yuan, 100 Yuan)